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Unique career choices in Europe for Indians

"It's better at home," but not always when it comes to career choices. We are broadening our horizons and crossing national borders as professional possibilities arise at our doorsteps (or laptop/ smartphone). 

Good work conditions, competitive salaries, career advancements, and a high standard of life are a few elements making global career prospects trending. And we don't have to look far beyond, as a neighboring continent has a plethora of work opportunities.

We are talking about Europe.

Between 2019 and 2020, the number of Indians looking for work overseas increased. But the trend faced a setback as the world got hit by Covid-19. Still, as we rebounded from the second pandemic wave, the trend picked the momentum.

Europe- the Cradle for New Career Choices for Indians

Did you know that Indians are the second most common immigrants when it comes to seeking a job in foreign countries?

But why is Europe becoming the epi-center for Indians about their career choices?

The best thing about Europe is that its workforce is global. And talented Indian labor is in high demand across various European countries (EU). With a long-term labor shortfall and an eye toward harnessing skills from non-EU countries, EU states are luring qualified Indians. Besides, there is the Blue Card Directive, which allows third-country employees to work in skilled positions in the EU. Indians can apply for a special residence and work permit in any EU country under this directive. Also, several EU countries have revised their immigration rules to allow non-EU candidates to migrate there.

Top 8 Unique Career Choices in Europe for Indians

Competition in the education and job sectors is fierce in the modern world. Skilled youths face intense competition at a national level as well as globally. Yet, the second scenario provides a better case because of more employment choices. And India, with a large skilled and affordable labor pool, is gaining center stage. According to a recent News 18 article, approximately 7.15 lakh Indians opted to work abroad in 2020. This figure doubled in the first half of 2022, with 13.02 lakh Indians traveling abroad to pursue their career choices.

So, if you are one of those aspirants, this section is for you. Here, we will provide you with some of the unique career choices in Europe for Indians.

1. Ethical Hacker

Although the concept has been around for a while, this career opportunity is unique. As machines become smarter, the issue of cybersecurity arises, and businesses seek experienced hackers to protect their virtual security systems. This industry is young yet, the demand for qualified ethical hackers is increasing.

2. Health and Social Care

How can we avoid bringing up the healthcare industry when we discuss career choices in Europe? Your medical qualification will help you land a job in the UK or Germany's health and social care industry if you relocate there. Because of the ongoing need for qualified nurses and doctors, non-EU applicants are now eligible to apply for registered professional positions in this industry. A good salary, a higher standard of living, job stability, work-life balance, and other factors may also influence your decision to work in Europe's health and social care industry.

3. Hospitality

Currently valued at €21.9 billion (in 2022), the hospitality sector in Europe is expected to develop at a 14.5% CAGR. Consequently, a degree in hospitality management could serve as your entry ticket into the continent's hospitality market. Western European nations like Germany, France, and Switzerland are particularly among the top tourist destinations for domestic and international travel. Additionally, the hospitality industry is one of the major engines of the European economy due to its dominant position in the worldwide tourism market. So don't hesitate any longer and have all your paperwork ready to apply for a lucrative career path in the European hospitality sector.

4. Logistics

The logistic industry in Europe is now expanding at a 3% CAGR, and this growth is anticipated to continue until 2026. Although the COVID-19 problem has impacted the underlying demand and supply in the European road freight industry, the logistics sector is recovering. Quick population increase, rapid modernization, and economic expansion have built a magnificent route for the rebirth of logistics across EU countries. Particularly ideal places to apply for potential jobs include Germany, France, Poland, Spain, and the Czech Republic for those with degrees in logistics management.

5.Fashion Designing

Fashion is an industry that will never die, and fashion designers are no exception. In countries such as France, Sweden, and Italy, Europe offers some of the world's leading fashion markets. And brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Coco Chanel, Zara, and others have their roots in EU countries. So, if you are a fashion design student, you may pursue a career in any sector of the fashion industry. You may choose options such as fashion designing, retailing, jewelry design, personal shopper (yeah, you read that correctly), and so on. In the fashion sector, the career choice in Europe or Indians is virtually limitless. All you need is a degree, the knack to crack the interview, and a good network.

6. Chef

It's no surprise that cooking could be a rewarding career choice. All thanks to the popularity of cookery shows like MasterChef, and so on. Moreover, this activity is no longer restricted to homemakers but has crossed gender lines. In today's society, it is making a comeback as "culinary arts". That said, Switzerland was stated as the world's best-paid country for chefs and head cooks between 2019-2020 (Statista, 2022). The research also revealed that the average yearly salary of a chef in Switzerland was above USD 56,000 during this time.

Finding it interesting? If you are a qualified culinary arts student looking to pursue a career in Europe, now is the time to apply for chef roles in restaurants or hotels.

 7. Sales Specialists

Even though e-commerce is becoming increasingly popular, offline retail businesses still exist. In addition, real-time shopping is still popular, as evidenced by the opening of flagship stores for companies like Nike, Zara, and others in high-end retail districts throughout the EU. Thus, there is still a considerable demand for sales assistants or specialists as a career in Europe. You may expect to earn €1000 to €3000 (average) per month as a sales specialist. But the amount would depend on the country in which you work and your experience level. However, you must be fluent in both English and the native language of the EU country you are applying to be a sales professional.

8. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers are in high demand in Germany- one of the most developed EU countries. Siemens, Bosch, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and other German companies have made their mark on the global arena, which offers excellent work opportunities to candidates with proper skills. Furthermore, there is now a scarcity of STEM specialists, which has driven the need for engineers in this country. As a result, studying Mechanical Engineering in Germany is one of the most coveted goals for many non-EU students.

Many SMEs and startups provide attractive work opportunities in this industry to international students with the necessary skills. That said, the median monthly pay for a Mechanical Engineer in Germany is €4930. Meanwhile, keep in mind that if you want to pursue a career in Germany, you will need to learn German.

 Find international job opportunities here.


You should carefully assess the demand for the chosen career and if it compensates well before choosing a specialization. Always remember that there will be intense competition in whichever specialty you choose. You must have the talent and the required documentation to shine the brightest. If you are looking for a career abroad. our experienced executives are available to assist you in your effort to make the right career choice in Europe. From language training and cultural training to post placement support, we ensure that you attain your dream career abroad.

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