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Building a promising global career in culinary and hospitality industry

Hospitality and culinary industry is one of the most rewarding careers in the world with lucrative monetary benefits and ample growth opportunities, provided you know how to tap the untapped opportunities. 

Here's how you can build a promising global career in the culinary and hospitality industry. Let's read the blog to learn more.

Building a promising global career in culinary and hospitality industry


“Let your job be the passport to the world”

As per the Hospitality Global Market Report 2022, the global market is expected to grow from $3,952.87 billion in 2021 to $4,548.42 billion in 2022 with a growth rate of 15.1% CAGR. The hospitality industry is estimated to value about $5000 billion globally.

 The culinary and hospitality industry is one of the largest retail based industries in the world. The fast paced world and technological advancements are major drivers to its growth. To get skilled labour in culinary and hospitality has become the need of the hour. This opens door to plenty of opportunities to making this career a rewarding one. 

 Trends that are driving the growth rate of culinary and hospitality industry

 The trends in the hospitality sector are influenced by various external and internal factors such as constant evolvement of customer needs, response to global events and embracing new technology. Machine learning and AI are frequently getting implemented by some of the largest hospitality companies in the world. Furthermore, the emergence of virtual reality technology has completely altered the way in which organizations in industry promote their services.

 The majority of the hospitality and culinary trends today have been accelerated by the pandemic situation. The COVID-19 pandemic situation has forced the hospitality industry to lay extensive focus on cleanliness, hygienic and safety of the customers. Similarly, the environmental factors like climate change and global warming have enabled the organizations to focus on eco-friendly services.

 Global career in culinary and hospitality industry

 The opportunities are limitless when it comes to building a career in the culinary and hospitality industry. The statistics and the growth rate of the industry speak it all! It offers a unique career track for skilled professionals.

Here's how you can build a promising global career in the culinary & hospitality industry.  

 Prepare for global hospitality career

It is advisable to build a specialization in a particular area since hospitality industry is diverse and broad. Gain practical knowledge and understanding on the field chosen, it could be in the form of degree or internship. Getting a specialized bachelor's degree in hospitality industry can get you ahead of your career. Internship or apprenticeship can give you a head start to your career path.  

 Keep updated with latest industry trends

 To build a successful international career, one must keep updated with the latest or ongoing industry trends. This helps you remain skilled with better understanding of the job requirements. This is one of the best ways to have a foot in the industry.

 Analyse the countries offering good career scope

With the worth of $5000 billion globally, the hospitality industry offers a wide array of career scope and opportunities. The global hospitality industry is known for its recruitment of more than eight million workers. Some of the top countries include the UK, Germany, UAE, Australia and New Zealand.

 Adjust to culture and learn a new language

Learning a new language definitely gives an added advantage to your career. Get cultural alignment training and language training to eliminate cultural shocks. This will help you adjust to the new culture and boost your socializing skills.

 Find a consultant to embark on the right path

Although an international career sounds easy, there are plenty of hassles to migrate abroad and settle for a well paying job. Thus, a professional consultant might show you the ropes. professional tie-ups can help you build your international career in the right way without you having to worry about the procedures.

 Qualifications to build a global hospitality career  

To build a successful global career in hospitality, one must have a degree in hospitality management with a minimum of 50% marks in 10+2. A diploma or certification course provides an added advantage. In order to work in higher positions, one must have a recognized degree in hospitality / culinary management. 

Key takeaway   

Career in hospitality is surely exciting! Hospitality career abroad offers incredible career growth opportunities. Not the mention its lucrative salary package. It can be said that it is a great platform to showcase potential and talents to the world.

 However, one must be well-prepared for a successful global career. One must be aware of the industry trends in the hospitality industry, a proper understanding of the subjects with some experience. Efficient research skills are required to analyse the countries that offer good career prospects in hospitality and acquiring socializing skills to gel well in the destination country.

 If you are too looking forward to build a successful global career, but feel indecisive contact IndieTalent. One of the best global career consultants in India that can show you the right path. Not only does it offer guidance to migration & career support but also language training and cultural alignment course. You can also be supported with international placement and post placement support. Contact us today!

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