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Our services remove 90% of repetitive tasks from the hiring process through streamlined digital recruitment. Our assistance goes beyond mere setup; we establish, revolutionise, innovate, train.

Recruitment Process

Become future-ready with
digital recruitment process & outsourcing

73% of recruiters find it challenging to hire candidates with specific skill set
86% of the potential candidates quickly get hired by competitors
10 Days
A top talent goes off the market in just 10 days.
Over 70% of potential candidates are passive talents.

In today’s fast paced world, relying on traditional recruiting methods slows down the overall progress and growth. The need for top talent has never been stronger. Digital recruitment process today has become a ‘nice to have’ to ‘must-have’ for forward-looking organizations.

NOW is the time we shift to tech-led transformation in recruitment not only in terms of ATS (Application tracking system) but also the entire process of recruiting, engaging, re-churning talent to stay competitive & relevant in the market.

What We Do?

Our services remove 90% of repetitive tasks from the hiring process through streamlined digital recruitment. Our assistance goes beyond mere setup; we establish, revolutionise, innovate, train, and re-engage, all while offering the advantages of an in-house hiring team, all within the same cost framework.
hiring process

What We Offer?

Hiring Process
Infuse Tech Magic
into Your Hiring Process
Bring in technology-driven hiring process to boost your hiring process.
Hiring Process
Revive and Energize Your Database Connections
Engage and re-churn your database connections through digitalization for better recruitment process.
Hiring Process
Setup Powerful Vendor and Career Portals
Establish robust vendor and career portals that empower both your partners and potential candidates.
Hiring Process
Improve New Hire Onboarding with Digitalization
Ensure a more streamlined process of onboarding and engaging new hires with assured long term success.
Hiring Process
Transform Your Internal Referral Process with Cutting-Edge Tools
Revolutionize your internal referral process with new-age tools leading to exceptional talent acquisition.
Hiring Process
Leverage Social Media for Next-Level Recruitment Success
Reach a broader audience, showcase your company’s unique culture, and attract top talent through social media platforms.

What We Bring To The Table?

We combine our 30 different Recruitment and Skilling
Expertise to bring to you a Combination of

Technology Our tech-driven solutions redefine how talent is discovered and harnessed.
Process A well-defined process is the cornerstone of a successful business.
People Our human centric approach to recruitment ensures tailored result.
Promotion Our promotion strategies not only expand your reach but also elevate your brand.

All of these Equals TRUE COST SAVING

By mitigating inefficiencies and aligning hiring strategies with business goals, the
result is a clear and tangible reduction in costs across various aspects of
the recruitment process.

Why Switch To
Digitalized Recruitment Process ?

Traditional hiring methods, such as finding and selecting candidates, arranging interviews, and onboarding, consume a lot of time and effort from your internal hiring team. This keeps them away from other high priority revenue generating tasks.

‘Technology’ eliminates all repetitive and mundane tasks like sending out job posts, documentation screening, sending updates and screening qualified candidates. Digitalized hiring methods accelerate the hiring ‘process’ while making room for tasks that can be best handled by ‘people’ like taking interviews and conducting training sessions. Additionally, an artful ‘promotion’ strategy – all culminating in TRUE COST SAVING.

Before and After Digital RPO

Before Digital RPO After Digital RPO
Human intervention required in each recruitment funnel Human intervention required only at key recruiting steps
Recruiters spend hours sifting through applications and screening potential talent. Digitalized selection process reducing recruiter workload
The interview scheduling process is a back-and-forth email exchange between candidates and interviewers. The new digital recruitment process incorporates an automated interview scheduling tool.
Onboarding new hires involves piles of paperwork, lengthy manual processes. Speeds up the onboarding process and allows new employees to feel more integrated
The HR team keeps up with engagement and re-churning of previous candidates. Talent relationship management system that automates engagement with candidates
Social media platforms remain underutilised Targeted content on social media showcases the company culture and open positions.

Benefits You’ll Receive
After Joining Hands With 2COMS

Stay ahead of the competition when it comes to acquiring the top talent. Because onboarding right talent at the right time matters!
Reduce Time-to-Hire Slash waiting times and onboard talent faster
Reduce Time-to-Hire Slash waiting times and onboard talent faster
Reduce Time-to-Hire Slash waiting times and onboard talent faster
Laser-Focused Targeting Pinpoint your ideal candidates with precision.
Swift Onboarding Get new hires in action quicker than ever.
Streamlined Interview Process Management Manage interviews seamlessly and efficiently.
Unlock Recruitment Insights Dive into powerful recruitment analytics for smarter strategies.
Decisive Hiring Make informed choices about skills and challenges.
We Are Partnered With


Our partnership with Zoho represents a strategic alliance that brings powerful HR and recruitment solutions to the forefront. We harness their innovative technology and expertise to streamline our recruitment processes for the best recruitment results.


What We Bring To The Table?

  • Are we an ATS Provider?

    No, we’re different from typical ATS providers. While they merely set up systems and disengage, we go beyond that. We set up, transform, train, and maintain ongoing collaboration. We’re here to assist you in outsourcing, providing you with the advantages of an internal team without the corresponding costs.
  • Will we replace your existing Team?

    No, we're here to complement your existing team. We'll work alongside them, enhancing their capabilities. Moreover, we will help by reducing their time spent on mundane activities, and let them focus on important roles, instead or urgent ones.
  • What happens to our database?

    We'll digitise and seamlessly migrate your existing database, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Who owns my database?

    You retain ownership of your database.

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