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Want to be a registered nurse in UK? Here's why its a good idea

Finding nursing job opportunities in the UK may be a simple task, but only if you know why and how you want to be a nurse in the UK. To find out more, read the post.

Want to be a registered nurse in UK? Here's why its a good idea 

In today's society, the medical profession is one of the most lucrative. This industry not only provides a great work environment and opportunities for career advancement, but it also provides mental satisfaction. Professionals in this field have the opportunity to serve people and make their lives better. This could function as an intrinsic reinforcer. But why do some countries have a leg up in the medical field? Why do aspiring nurses frequently look for nursing jobs abroad? For example, why do many ambitious young nurses aspire to work for the NHS as registered professional nurses? Why is it a good idea to look for nursing jobs in the United Kingdom?

Thousands of foreign professional nurses annually find employment in the United Kingdom. A large proportion of those overseas nursing professionals are aspirants from India. Working with the NHS, or National Health Service, the UK's largest healthcare organization, has several advantages.

What exactly are they? Stay with us to learn more about them.

The Nursing Job Opportunities in the UK

The United Kingdom is one of the most developed countries in the world. However, the country's labor market and economic situation are stable. As a result, many foreign candidates travel to this country in search of better job opportunities. Healthcare is one of the UK's fastest-growing and most productive job sectors.

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in an ever-increasing demand for healthcare professionals in the country. As a result, one can work as a registered nurse for the NHS, private healthcare, or non-profit organizations. The NHS is the dominant player in the professional healthcare sector in the United Kingdom. The organization employs over 1.5 million people in over 350 different roles.

According to the Guardian, the NHS is currently facing a severe staffing crisis. The organization has over 110,192 unfilled positions, including approximately 39,652 nurses and 8,158 doctors. And to fill the shortage, the NHS prefers hiring qualified international nurses in addition to native nurses. As a result, there are numerous opportunities for Indians looking for nursing jobs abroad.

7 Reasons to Work in UK as Registered Nurse

As a developed country, there is a good chance that there will be no shortage of UK jobs for Indians. Furthermore, if you are a professional nurse, your chances of being hired in the nursing jobs in the NHS may improve.

But why should you become a registered nurse in the United Kingdom? The top 7 reasons are listed below.

1. Great Payout

The lucrative pay package is the first and most important reason for pursuing nursing jobs in the UK. A nursing job with the NHS would provide a competitive salary and additional financial benefits. Adult nurse salaries in the NHS currently range between £25,654 and £31,533. But, there's more: one can work extra hours and get paid 30% to 60% extra.

2. Job Security

After salary, the next consideration is job security. Nursing jobs in the UK for Indians provide stable job security. After being accepted into the NHS, candidates are given a three-year contract. Furthermore, the contract can be renewed after the initial three-year period. Aside from that, nurses' job security has improved recently because the NHS is experiencing a severe staff shortage and requires qualified nurses to serve patients.

3. Nursing job prospects

It is not easy to find job opportunities abroad. Finding nursing jobs in the UK, on the other hand, is easier than you might think. We have already stated that the UK is experiencing its worst nursing shortage. As a result, patients not only face long emergency lines but also go without the care they require. Furthermore, as per the Nursing and Midwifery Council, approximately 25,000 nurses and midwives left the register in the United Kingdom last year. So, what does this imply for future nurses? Well, it means they have a great possibility of finding a nursing job in the UK that is a good fit for them.

4. Better Work-Life Balance

Maintaining a better work-life balance is always a priority, regardless of the job one chooses. And nursing jobs in the UK are extremely adaptable. The average weekly work hours for all nurses in the NHS is around 37.5 hours. In addition, depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose between full-time and part-time options. Depending on their specialty, nurses can also choose different shifts. For example, nurses can choose between 9-5 work schedules, night shifts, rotational shifts, and other options.

5. Paid Holidays

Job opportunities in the UK provide better working conditions and take care of their employees. For example, nursing jobs in the UK for Indian nurses include 27 paid holidays per year and eight paid bank holidays. And after the first five years, nurses are entitled to 29 days of paid vacation. After ten years, the number of days is increased to 33.

6. Pension Benefits

Nurses get perks while working with the NHS and also after retiring from there. The NHS has a very lucrative pension scheme for its workforce. Along with the native nurses, overseas nurses also get entitled to the NHS pension scheme after joining the organization. Hence, nurses can enjoy a financially independent life after retiring from the NHS.

7. Better Career Options

Another important factor that makes nursing jobs in the UK for Indians so desirable is the abundance of career development opportunities. Nurses can work in various settings, including clinics, adult day care centers, hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient wards, and so on. There are also possibilities for specialization in diverse fields of nursing and healthcare, including the following:

● Pediatric Nurse

● Neonatal Nurse

● Adult Nurse

● Orthopedic Nurse

● Certified Midwife Nurse

● Critical Care Nurse

● Respiratory Nurse, etc.

Nurses can also get opportunities for advancement and becoming a member of the hospital management, consultant nurses, and so on.  

The Takeaway

To summarize, nursing jobs in the UK for overseas nurses, including Indians, offer a plethora of advantages. Furthermore, the UK is home to a large Indian diaspora, so Indian nurses working in the UK would feel at ease. Furthermore, the country provides career advancement opportunities, perks, and other amenities that can make life a better place to live.

If you are looking for job opportunities in the UK, particularly as a registered nurse, IndieTalent can support you in every step of the way. IndieTalent connects candidates with various job opportunities abroad while also assisting them in relocating there. Get free career counseling today!    

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