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Thinking Of Working In Germany. Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Germany is one of the most popular destinations to explore career opportunities. Here’s everything you need to know for fulfilling your dream of working in Germany.

Thinking Of Working In Germany. Here’s Everything You Need To Know

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” - C.S. Lewis

Once in a while, everyone in their lives has thought of switching or starting their career abroad. What place better than Germany to start their career? If you are striving hard to live and work, then Germany is the perfect place for you. Working in Germany is like having a gateway to Europe. Citizen of Germany will bring to the table a world of opportunity prevailing in Europe.

But why should anyone choose working in Germany over other countries like the USA, Canada, and other famous countries? 

Let’s have a look at some of the pros that Germany offers:

● Social Security: This includes various kinds of insurance like health, nursing care, unemployment, etc.

● Quality of Life: You get a better and rich quality of life when in Germany.

● Retirement Benefits: You can opt for mandatory retirement benefits and also the additional benefits that come with them.

● Amazing Work-Life Balance: Work and life balance is real in Germany with much-needed leave policies. This includes holidays, annual leaves, maternity, paternity leaves, disability, and sickness leaves.

● Rich Welcoming Culture: The history exhibits logical art and literature with a magnificent warm welcome. You will feel like a part of the German culture and lifestyle. Germany has a large chuck of non-European expats. There are about 68,500 Indians living and working in Germany.

● Career Opportunities: With its elite universities and job opportunities, you can easily start and boost your career. 

The Germany Job Market:

Everyone in the world has felt the fear of fewer job opportunities after the covid phase. Recently, the employment rate in Germany has hiked up to 77% in the first quarter of the year 2022. Various surveys have been conducted that displayed a hike in the job vacancies for every industry.

The awareness of the healthcare and hospitality sector is rising in Germany. And therefore, more job opportunities in Germany are waiting for healthcare professionals and nurses. 

In-Demand Jobs In Germany:

Germany is a country known for its huge castles, vibrant architecture, rich history and culture, and delicious food. The country offers you a lavish and economic lifestyle where you can live, work, and enjoy. Every place has some top demanded jobs that pay you a handsome amount. Let’s look at some of the in-demand jobs in Germany:   

● Healthcare Sector: Nurses, Nurse Care Staff, Doctors

● IT Industry: IT Specialists, Data Security, AI Managers

● Engineers: Civil, Mechanical, Electrical

● Marketing: Business managers, Representatives, Sales

● Hospitality: Operations manager, chef, Kitchen Assistant

● Others: Software developers, finance analysts, account managers, product managers, etc. 

The healthcare and IT sectors top the most demanded jobs in Germany. This is where IndieTalent can help you achieve your goals. Our team of professional executives will help you through the process smoothly. Covid has emerged healthcare as one of the most crucial sectors. So, the healthcare vacancies must be filled with professional and loyal candidates.

How To Grab A Job In Germany?

Moving abroad and making your own identity in an unknown country is not at all easy. Here is a list of steps which you need to go through in order to obtain a job in Germany. 

Basic Requirements:

● You need to have a university degree which should be equivalent to a German degree

● Two years of work experience is necessary in order to get a job offer 

Process To Get A Job: 

● Before searching for a job, make sure you are eligible to work in Germany. There are numerous in-demand jobs in Germany, all you have to do is tap in the opportunities. We at IndieTalent, can assist you in securing a foreign job offer. 

● Stack up your necessary educational and vocational degrees. These documents are necessary as they will be verifying the qualifications. Our migration counselors at IndieTalent can help you with documentation process and make it hassle-free for you. 

● Make your application by building an impressive CV. With IndieTalent, your CV can stand out from the crowd and ensure a job abroad at ease. So, let your talent shine globally! 

● Apply for required visas, there are various types of visas and work permits that are required. With IndieTalent, you need not worry about VISA application and processing, our dedicated counselors can help you through the entire process 

Learn more about German Visa and Permanent Resident Visa 

Salary Range of In-Demand Jobs In Germany:

The pay scale has always been the motivating factor to work and earn more for everyone. Just applying for jobs is not enough, one must have information about the average salary these jobs offer. Let’s have a look at the annual pay range of the in-demand jobs in Germany: 

● Nurses: INR 46,97,710

● Surgeons: INR 1,11,77,310

● IT Professionals: INR 38,06,765

● Hotel Management: INR 36,44,775

● Tourism Managers: INR 24,29,850

● Sales & Marketing: INR 93,95,420

● HR Managers: INR 38,87,760

● Bank Managers: INR 63,98,605

● Accounting Professionals: INR 36,44,775 

Key Takeaways:

Having a job in a country full of historic art, great food, lifestyle and fascinating culture feels like a fairy tale, isn’t it? Why just dream of it, with IndieTalent you can turn this dream of working in Germany into a reality. Our team of talented professionals will help you with location and migration support. They will also train you in terms of job, language barriers, and how to handle cultural differences. 

Get your application processed now. Click here to know more.

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