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Looking for Global Internship/Apprenticeship Programs? Here are the Top-5 Options for You

It is no longer enough to have a degree and a talent. Before entering the actual professional world, one must also have practical experience. Internships and apprenticeships play an important role here. 

These programs are created for students and recent graduates to understand their chosen fields practically. There are various international internship and apprenticeship programs out there to choose.

Internships Vs. Apprenticeships

Internships and apprenticeships are not the same. There are critical differences between these programs. There are different parameters differentiate internships from apprenticeships.

  • Length:

Internships mainly stretch for 1-3 months. Apprenticeships, however, last from 1 to 3 years.

  • Payment:

Apprenticeships are compensated work experiences leading to full-time jobs. Apprentices are given a stipend while pursuing these programs. However, internships are frequently unpaid and can sometimes not lead to employment.

  • Credentials:

Apprenticeships result in a certificate recognized by the industry. Internships may or may not result in certification.

  • Structure:

Apprenticeship programs are structured as per the industry's needs. These programs aim to master a specific skill. But, internship programs often focus on entry-level general work experience.

What makes these international internship/ apprenticeship programs the "top"?

We have listed the top international internship/apprenticeship programs in this blog. So what exactly do "top" internships/apprenticeships imply? Alternatively, what distinguishes them as "top" programs?

To state simply-

These programs are the top because they are thorough, in demand, provide global job placements, and are one-of-a-kind.

Your obligations will extend beyond classroom theory with these global initiatives. You'll be getting your hands dirty, learning new skills, and honing your versatility.

Top 5 Global Internship/Apprenticeship Programs for Students and Recent Grads

1. IT Internship Programs

With the rise of AI and machine learning algorithms, the IT business is flourishing. If you want to get your ideal international job in the IT industry, choose an international internship in this field. Google, Facebook, Adobe, Apple, and other IT behemoths are always on the lookout for applicants for their internship programs. Indeed, the US is one of the top places to seek international internships in IT. Thanks to Silicon Valley! You may also find options for undergraduate summer internships here.

Note: International students have to apply for an F1 or J1 visa to move and start internships in the US.


USA, Japan, China, etc.

2. Apprenticeships in the Hospitality Industry

The US, UK, France, Germany, New Zealand and Italy are some of the top countries for the international hospitality industry. These countries see a high volume of foreign travellers. This, in turn, drives hospitality businesses there to employ the brightest people. Nothing beats your chances of building a career in this industry than taking an apprenticeship program in any of these nations.

Apprenticeships in hospitality management overseas might range from working in international hotels to serving as a tour guide. Sometimes it is a paid program (apprenticeships), but other times you may be required to work in exchange for free food and lodging (internships).

IndieTalent can assist you in your quest for the best hospitality apprenticeship program in these countries, particularly in the US. Cities such as New York, Washington, DC, and LA, are home to some of the best hotel and travel organizations. So, recent graduates may contact with IndieTalent to get placed under an international apprenticeship program there.


The USA, the UK, Germany, New Zealand, France, Germany and the UAE

3. Internships in Healthcare Sector

International career opportunities in healthcare are increasing across the globe. With a gap between the need and supply of healthcare experts, there is a rising demand for overseas professionals. Europe might be your cradle for an international internship program in the healthcare industry. You can work as a registered nurse, GP, community health worker, and so on. In this regard, the NHS, for example, deserves special mention. This organization remains in constant demand for international interns. So, you can apply to an international work-based learning program in the healthcare industry in England.  Other than the UK, one also aims to the US, and Switzerland to pursue international healthcare internship programs with Novartis.


The UK, Germany, the USA, UAE, Chile, and Australia

4. Apprenticeship Logistics

Apprenticeships in this field can lead to international job scopes in this industry. This area offers a variety of global apprenticeship programs that can last up to two years. Apprentices gain hands-on experience in areas such as freight, logistics, transportation, and distribution. The Logistics Associate Apprenticeship, Bloomberg Apprenticeship, International Trade and Logistics Level 3, Level 2 apprenticeship by  TTE, and others are popular global apprenticeships in logistics and supply management.


The USA, the UK, Ireland, Germany, etc.

5. Apprenticeship in Manufacturing Sector

Candidates with practical work experience are in high demand in the manufacturing sector. So, completing an apprenticeship program in this field before beginning a real career may be quite important. So far, the American industrial industry is frequently on the hunt for competent workers. Employers prefer hiring talent who have completed Registered Apprenticeship programs. The apprenticeship programs of BASF deserve special notes here. These programs can stretch between 12 to 36 months. Besides, they provide exceptional chances for on-the-job training and earning manufacturing certifications.

High-demand manufacturing apprenticeship programs may be pursued in the following fields:


The USA, Germany, Australia, etc.


So, this was our take on the top 5 global internship/apprenticeship programs for students and recent graduates. This is not an entire list. There are other fields where these programs might be pursued. Other fields may include culinary arts, business, engineering, education, etc. Visit IndieTalent if you're looking for an international internship/ apprenticeship program! Its executives will walk you through the entire application procedure to move and settle overseas.

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