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How Apprenticeships Are Supporting The Manufacturing Industry

Apprenticeships in the manufacturing sector are gaining importance for shaping its workforce. Here’s how apprenticeships are supporting the manufacturing industry.

How Apprenticeships Are Supporting The Manufacturing Industry

“A long apprenticeship is the most logical way to success. The only alternative is overnight stardom, but I can’t give you a formula for that.” -Chet Atkins  

The manufacturing industry has emerged as one of the highest growing sectors. Like every industry, It has been facing a lot of difficulties in finding great talents. Therefore, finding apt talent, including the industry's technical ones, might be its biggest challenge. Apprenticeships have turned out to be an impressive way to attract talents.

According to the forecasts, the manufacturing industry is expected to reach the goal of US$ 1 trillion by the year 2025.

What Are Apprenticeships Programs:

Apprenticeship is seen as a paid job where the employee/candidate gets exposure to learning and getting valuable experiences. These are available in every sector, so you should first choose your field of interest and then apply for such learning opportunities. Some industries that offer the apprenticeships facility include healthcare, manufacturing, public safety, and hospitality.

Many people confuse apprenticeships with internships. They both have slight differences. Some of the major differences are listed below:

  • Apprenticeships are mostly for a longer period (1-3 years)
  • Apprenticeships are mostly paid jobs that usually lead to full-time employment
  • You get access to the experienced mentorship in apprenticeship while in internship it doesn't usually happen
  • Apprenticeship focuses on training the candidate with the specific skills and knowledge required for the position  

An apprenticeship training program means providing training that can be related to any industry in the form of a paid course. The program includes basic training, work-based learnings having theoretical modules, and finally practical application of on-job training.

Apprenticeships And Manufacturing Industry:

Manufacturing Industr

The Industrial revolution and advancement of technology have increased the demand for skills in the manufacturing industry. In order to overcome the knowing-doing gap in industries, the government of India has taken initiative to cater to need for skills with apprenticeship programs. The parallel initiatives of the government and industries have ensured consistent growth. Most importantly, the skill development of the rural youth has been addressed through apprenticeship program thus making them employable.

Various manufacturing industries in India are tying up with the government to uplift the industries and bridge the skill gap. Industries are directly hiring apprentices, giving them work exposure, training them and making them job-ready. The apprentices upon completion of the program are provided with permanent job role as per the business requirement. This program enables the organizations in the manufacturing industry obtain industry relevant and skill equipped workforce.

Mid sized and large sized manufacturers are implementing apprenticeships to address ongoing workforce challenges like skill demand and job-ready candidates.

How apprenticeship programs are helping manufacturing industry shape its workforce?

  • It acts as a skill development initiative as it bridge skill gap
  • The training program contributes to the employee loyalty as well as reduces the employee retention rate
  • Business organizations get financial assistance from the government under the NAPS (National Apprenticeship Promotions Scheme)
  • Apprentices get learning and earning opportunity
  • Getting a talented workforce after the completion of the training program ensures productivity and performance

In the new financial year of 2022, almost 72% of the employers in India want to recruit apprentices. The NAO (Net Apprenticeship Outlook) has witnessed a growth of 11% in the HY (half-year) i.e. (Jan-Jun) as compared to the previous HY.

How Apprenticeships Benefit Companies:

Here are some of the major reasons why manufacturing industries are quick to adopt apprenticeship program.

Save On Recruitment Costs:

Companies always lookout for things that encourages cost-cutting. The employees can easily save their ‘hiring the new talent’ cost by simply upskilling their existing employees.

Low Employee Retention:

When the company invests in its employees they feel important and when you give them the growth they will give you productivity. These programs also help in reducing the employee retention rate and promote an employee’s loyalty towards the company.

Leverage The Financial Benefit:

Organizations get financial aid that too from the government and they utilize the opportunity at their best.  The funds are used to train the workforce by getting them qualifications that are recognized all over the world.

Bring In The Best Pool Of Talent:

Apprenticeships bring in pool of fresh talent in the organization. This breeds in innovation and bring in new ideas. The apprentices on the other hand get exposed to work environment and gain relevant skills through experience. Not to mention they earn a degree as well as working opportunity. 

It can be said that apprenticeships support the manufacturing industry by closing the skill gaps and addressing the need for talent. The manufacturing industries are recognizing the importance of apprenticeship and are quick to adopt the program with government support. It is now considered as the cost effective way to attract talent in the organization. Both manufacturing industry and apprentices are benefitting from apprenticeship program.

The industry is welcoming apprenticeships every year to enhance the skill set and develop required skills needed in the manufacturing sector.

If you are looking forward to further discuss the potential of hiring apprenticeships and take your business forward with the right talent, we are here to help. Get in touch with our friendly team & know how to save huge cost on talent acquisition through apprenticeship program.

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