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How apprenticeship is changing the landscape of the hospitality industry?

The younger generation is full of bright, new ideas that are critical to any industry's long-term growth and viability. Let’s read the blog to learn more.

How apprenticeship is changing the landscape of the hospitality industry?  

In the recent years, the hospitality industry has experienced low productivity and high labour turnover. With the changes in the lifestyle and technology, the businesses need to boost efficiency through skilled and efficient employees. There is a significant skill gap in the hospitality industry which is now being addressed by apprenticeship programs.

Since 2015, the hospitality industry have switched to tackled the recruitment challenges through apprenticeships and the benefits of apprenticeship program is coming to fruition. Currently there are more than 18,000 apprenticeship are engaged in the hospitality industry.

Apprenticeships are most likely the oldest public-private partnership in history, having existed for millennia. They are part of the solution to help young people enter the labor market by providing them with the technical and core skills they will need to take on new occupations in the future. Apprenticeships provide not only training but also enhanced job opportunities for employers; there are many advantages to investing in them. 

Benefits of Apprenticeship Program


Addressing skill shortage and employee retention

Apprentices in the hospitality sector are playing an important role in hospitality industry by address skill shortage and employee retention. The apprenticeship training programs  get a structured learning outlet tailored to their requirements, to continue their professional development. Proper apprenticeship training  offers proper tools which ensures long term organizational success. If you want to recruit your company staff but don't have internal sources, then you must recruit employees for apprenticeship and give them proper training and start developing their skills.

Timely availability of talent

Proper apprenticeship training programs ensures that organizations obtain the right talent at the right time without complicated on-boarding procedures.  They don't need to recruit people and analysis and then join their team. A properly trained employee learns managerial skills very easily and they are aware of the job profile. It's better to hire an employee or candidate for an apprenticeship program so that during their contractual period they can understand a company's values, morals, work culture, tradition, their working environment. This on job training will also improve the skill of the employee and increase their knowledge of different job profiles. Once the apprentice proves his or her efficiency, they can be onboarded as a permanent employee.

So, whenever a company needs a manager or employee for a different position, their HR team doesn’t need to hire completely unknown people rather they will recruit an employee from their apprenticeship team and hire them for the permanent position immediately.  

The learning and earning benefit to apprentice

On-job training during apprenticeship program always help a student or intern to understand how any type of job role perform in the industry and within short period of time apprenticeship training able to make interns knowledgeable. Hands-on learning will be required at all times, which is why an apprenticeship is ideal. A hybrid method of on-the-job and off-the-job training, work-based learning allowing people to balance their development and commitment to their profession for their gain!

Governmental support

This is a good opportunity for everyone to benefit from an apprenticeship promotion scheme that has received industry clearance and is geared at people at all stages of their professional development. The extra benefit is that it will be paid by the levy, which will be supplemented by additional government cash. It's an opportunity to set in place a training program for your future leaders in each outlet. Allowing businesses to hire and promote people based on their personality, inventiveness, and hard work, safe in the knowledge that a structured program is in place to assist them to gain the skills and knowledge they need to be a valuable asset to the Company.  

Progress of a apprenticeship training program

It's fascinating to observe how the apprenticeship program has progressed over time. After the Apprenticeship Act was amended, it was now extended to the service industry as well. Originally intended solely for the manufacturing business, the apprenticeship program is currently used in a variety of industries, including hospitality and tourism. Because the hospitality business is people-oriented, it needs to grow its talent pool, so this modification in the act has been warmly welcomed by all.

The historic Taj Mahal Palace offers a robust apprenticeship training program for prospective enthusiasts interested in pursuing a career in this exciting field. The hotel provides on-the-job training so that all trainees gain a comprehensive understanding of all facets of hospitality, such as food and beverage, laundry, housekeeping, food production, engineering, etc. 

In this way, every reputed sector is currently more interested in taking apprenticeship trainees rather than a permanent employees. They want to take trainees and they provide a training program and after the training program, they want to recruit employees for their organization. It helps an organization to get skilled employees or managers easily within the in-house program and they don’t need to hire any recruitment agency for closing their openings.



Apprenticeships scheme have long been a part of the hospitality business. They provide trainees who are typically fresh out of formal education with particular, on-the-job guidance, and are not to be mistaken with internships, which are more transient and less organized in nature. The notion is that by completing this training programme, which lasts at least a year and is both paid and monitored, these trainees will be able to advance to more responsible, permanent positions at the hotel.

So, now you can realize how apprenticeship act, and changes the entire landscape of the hospitality industry. The demand for such fields will increase in the future as well. This will also increase the skills and knowledge of the employee before joining the company. The scope for the apprentice program is also expanding and creating lots of job opportunities in the future. 

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