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Things to look for in a recruitment agency for IT Staffing

Things to look for in a recruitment agency for IT Staffing

As the IT sector booms and as per the future projections the demand for technology specific human power is also on an all-time high, translating into a hike in global recruitment.

Information Technology remains the most active sector in present times that is lending its utility across other industries too. As per the latest study by Gartner the global share of the IT sector is slated to be $4.4 trillion, an impressive increase of 4% from the year 2021.

Despite the alarming rates of inflation, geopolitical disruption and shortage of talent, the investments in this sector are not expected to slow down any time in the near future. Going by the projected 13% increase in IT sector jobs by year 2030, the best recruitment agencies around the world are keenly scouting for the brightest and the fresh young talented techies.

As the IT sector booms and as per the future projections the demand for technology specific human power is also on an all-time high, translating into a hike in global recruitment. Most IT companies rely on the IT recruitment agency to find qualified candidate befitting their organisation’s profiles.

A fast paced sector also attracts more players in the field resulting in mushrooming of staffing agency around the world. Therefore the company heads need to be prudent when hiring recruitment services. Keeping up with the latest practices being exercised globally in accordance with the dynamic trends and demands, we have shortlisted few essential aspects to help you find the best recruitment agencies for IT staffing.

∙ Criteria for selection – The first step is to know what type of a recruitment agency you are looking for – staffing agencies are best for contractual or temporary staffing while the headhunting/traditional agencies are best for finding the top level management executives. The IT sector is serviced and manned by different types of recruitment agencies to be selected based on your requirement.

∙ Expertise - One of the major missteps many companies take is to look for IT talent or staff within the existing staffers in the company, which can lead to a slow and error filled productivity. The specialised skillsets for the dynamic IT sector can best be located by an experienced and progressive recruitment agency specialising in technology staffing. Access to the brightest technology savvy candidates which the seasoned dedicated recruiters of the agency hand pick or do direct hires from the stellar IT programmes in your area, and establishing a healthy working relationship with the candidates. The inter-personal connection with the candidates and the recruiting agency makes the process of selection more precise leading to easy appointments and replacements as and when the client requires. The agency holding an impressive portfolio of staffing government departments, agencies and the best companies

∙ Synergy – Understanding the workings of the client/company, its culture and requirements is the mark of a conscientious and diligent recruiting agency. This helps them identify the best recruit befitting your company, leading to lesser hurdles and avoidance of a disgruntled working environment.

∙ References – Doing a comprehensive background check of the recruitment agency you are considering to hire, will pay you well in the long run. Any company’s or agency’s success is not just measured by its turnover, but also by the satisfaction quotient. Check the references provided by the agency, their satisfied clients in the IT sector will help cement your choice and assure you of being in good hands as far as recruitment is concerned.

∙ Cost cutting – The right recruitment agency for your company will not just provide the best of the candidates befitting your company but will also help you with cost reduction and reducing the financial burden. Ascertain with the agency as to how will hiring them would be more lucrative for you instead of your company looking for staff on its own. A good recruiter will furnish you with exact financial figures of how it can help you reduce expenses and your time, along with the staffing solutions.

∙ Customer Service – Would you want to hire someone who is difficult to get hold of or does not follow timelines and deadlines? Hiring an external agency should make things easier for you. Thus it is imperative to do a thorough check along with following up with the references to ascertain the quality of customer service and satisfaction.

∙ Qualified- Hiring for technology industry requires the recruiter to be self-qualified and well versed with the latest technology and the changing trends around the world. A knowledgeable agency will identify bright talents and screen them intensively before hiring them on your behalf or placing them in your company. Needless to say, the recruiter should be qualified themselves to screen and appoint the candidates. Generally, the IT recruitment agencies are owned and run by It techies themselves, although there is a possibility that they are not keeping themselves up to date with the dynamics of the industry. Making it necessary for you to ascertain the same, prior to appointing the agency.

∙ Amiable relationship – Building an amiable relationship with your recruitment agency is beneficial for a smooth stress free alliance with them. Asking the agency their expectations from your organisation, would be a good idea and you can discuss with them the possibilities to avoid dissatisfaction and resentment from building up thus becoming an impediment in a mutually beneficial partnership and leading to avoidable delays and procrastination.

Suffice it to say, that when looking for a recruitment agency to fulfil the staffing needs in a speciality sector like Information technology, it will always be advisable to appoint an agency well versed and experienced in the said sector, and clued in with the universities and IT programmes to make campus recruitments on your behalf while building a healthy connect with the IT candidates brigade. If you are looking forward to hire IT staffing for your business and ensure quality hires, 2COMS might be the right option for you.

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