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Effective Recruitment and Selection Strategies for the Modern Workforce

The modern workforce is evolving at a phenomenal rate and changing the ways companies make recruitment.

 The modern workforce is evolving at a phenomenal rate and changing the ways companies make recruitment. If you are on your company's recruitment team, you might have a clear idea of the recent changes in the recruitment selection process. More and more positions remain unfilled, with an ever-increasing need to find the best applicants for the post. With that, there is a need for the best strategies that ensure hassle-free recruitment. Your company will find it easy to find and hire the desirable candidate for the post. Despite the rat race, your company will stand out from the crowd and catch the eyes of the ideal candidate.

Offering a personal touch

In the pandemic era, people have the choice to work for the company they wish and from the comfort of their homes. You need to level up your game if your company has numerous vacant positions and wants the best candidate. Well, this is only possible if you select and recruit someone while offering a personal experience. Simply put, you may discuss this to offer a package that suits these candidates. A personal touch is beneficial for the company in the long run by winning the trust of the individuals.

Outstanding job descriptions

You might be very well aware that yours is not the only company with job openings. Many companies are on the hunt for the best employee with hiring needs similar to yours. To ensure you are hiring the right people, you must curate job descriptions that catch the eye. While the desirable candidates might have myriad options, your job posting might compel them to choose your company over others.

Referral-based Recruitment bridges the gap.

Selection through referral-based recruitment are the only methods of bridging the gap between you and your potential employees. A uniting factor between the candidates and you are the process of recruitment and selection based on referrals, which could include friends and family of existing employees. This factor is especially true when there is the direct involvement of the employees in referrals and recruitment. According to a GetApp survey that spanned 400 recruiting professionals and 300 consumers on hiring strategies, employee referral provided the shortest time to recruit top quality applicants, although finding candidates is through direct job applications.

Videos interviews are helpful.

Believe it or not, video interviews can be a savior for your company when a desirable candidate lives far away. It not only helps save money and time but also helps connect with the right candidate living in another country. Various platforms these days ensure effective communication between you and your to-be employees.

While taking interviews was a time-consuming process previously, video interviews in selection strategies simplified the same. It made the recruitment process smooth and effortless for the employers. You may take a video interview of a candidate who cannot take an urgent flight to come to you. Further, if things go well, you can provide the candidate with a brief introduction. 

Socializing the right way

Various companies use social media platforms for new hiring. Considering the invested working hours, a survey by Journal of Medical Internet Research revealed that one of the most time-efficient categories for recruitment in cities like Antwerp, Barcelona, and Vienna was Facebook hiring!

It is evident that social media platforms like Facebook allow companies to post jobs and advertise their brand while targeting millennials. When these job posts or ads reach the right person, companies can find good talent and communicate with them through these platforms. Social media recruitment is one of this era's most effective recruitment strategies. About 70% of employers are now screening candidates’ social media accounts, and almost half of employers (54%) consider not hiring candidates if they find wrong stuff on social media pages, as per a recent CareerBuilder survey.

Undoubtedly, companies find it easy to hire candidates through this strategy, and many are already experiencing the same benefits.

Mobile-friendly recruitment

Most candidates looking for better jobs use mobile phones as they are available round-the-clock. Mobile phones are the most easily accessible devices that allow candidates to find the right job. They are convenient in usage and allow the candidates to open the job portal anywhere from their comfort. Adapting this new-age technology will be nothing less than a boon for your company.

Mobile-friendly recruitment software can not only help candidates find your job opening but also help you find the ideal candidate for your company. Many companies are already using the mobile versions of recruitment software and experiencing the rich benefits. You can use the mobile versions to post your latest job openings and share them on your social media accounts. The candidates looking for jobs will seamlessly find your company.

Make the interview interesting.

The modern workforce would love to be a part of your company when you ask them the questions they would like to hear. Asking boring questions is old and makes the interview sound uninteresting to the candidate. Contrary to this, you can ask questions that interest the candidates. This questionnaire may include queries that reveal their strengths or how they would like to improve your company with their presence.

An interview focusing more on the skills and personality of the candidate will make it sound interesting. Everyone has some talent or experience in their field, but these crucial points help you find the right fit for your job opening. The candidates who got interviewed for the job position will take an interest in your company and be willing to be selected to become a part. Further, they will perform better when selected, which will work in favor of your company.

Job offerings with benefits

Not every candidate looking forward to joining your company seeks the best salary. Many seek flexibility, paid leaves, healthcare benefits, and other perks when they wish to join your company. If you are not offering them the complete benefits package in your recruitment plan, you might lose the best candidates for your company. If your new employees wish to put forward a request before you, make sure you consider them. This factor shows their opinion holds value for your company, and they will reciprocate accordingly in the long run.

If your new employees put up small requests that won't affect your company's growth in any way, there is no harm. If they seek 2 paid half-days monthly, let them take the same. They have many more responsibilities to fulfil than just being honest employees. Small benefits you can offer them will barely make a difference to your company but may mean a lot to them.

Consider college hiring

Workforce planning always goes a long way in strengthening your brand and ensuring you don't lose your valuable employees. You may consider recruiting from colleges for your company to give a chance to young talent to come up with new ideas and contribute to the productivity of your company. Your company will be able to make campus connections and try experimenting with internship programs to nurture young talents.

Trying the HTD model.

Many companies are now adopting the HTD or Hire Train Deploy Model for their company recruitment processes. They give their requirements to organizations offering staffing services. These organizations then look for the right candidates with decent experience, train them and deploy them in your company. This model is helping bridge the gap between the demand for more employees and the supply of the same. It saves companies a lot of time as they need not train their new employees. So, you can put your new employees at work immediately when they join your company.

The rising popularity of Bench Pool Strategy

The virtual bench pool or a bench pool strategy involves sourcing vendors, freelancers, agencies, and contractors with whom you can readily work. In-depth job analysis helps candidates determine their job placements. So, you might not match with the right candidate who will immediately start working on your projects. However, a virtual bench pool allows you to staff the projects according to the work roles.

The idea makes it easier for companies to have workers who can independently work on their important projects. You will save time otherwise spent on finding the right talent and money spent on the onboarding process.

Gig workforces are increasing.

According to the study recently released by Niti Aayog, the number of workers engaged in the gig economy is presently 7.7 million (2020-21). The number is expected to swell up to 2.35 crore by 2029-30!

Many companies are trying their hands on the gig economy, where they can use digital platforms to exchange labor. This aspect ensures a better matching of the desirable employees with the right company. You may hire freelancers and independent contractors for your company instead of spending time on new hires. You don't require the schedule to be strictly systematic but can allot work temporarily according to the requirements.

Skill-based talent management

The idea focuses on prioritizing the candidates' skills and what they can do rather than their new role in your company. You will hire right as you consider the candidates' talent instead of imposing new responsibilities on them. Your company can analyze the skills that your workforce needs to have. You can hire candidates who fit the required skill sets and eliminate the need to train them for new skills.


Adopting new ideas for company recruitment will enhance better hiring and reduce your time, effort, and money. Also, you will crack the recruitment process and get an ideal candidate who matches the requirements of your company's job position.

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