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The Core of Hire-Train-Deploy is Finding the Top Tech Talent


Right tech talents that a company finds through the HTD model are highly skilled, and competent. The essence of this model is assisting in finding the right tech talent.

Every organization's HR team adheres to a specific staffing model to maximize the benefits of the recruitment process. This model differs from one company to the next based on the core culture and management. However, at the heart of every staffing model is the idea of understanding the business needs and hiring the best candidate for the job. Recruiting the right candidate is the most important aspect of any business organization. And nowadays, companies want candidates who are talented and well-trained and can begin working immediately after being deployed. Consequently, businesses prefer to work with staffing consultancies rather than recruiting and training employees. These agencies run the train and hire program, in which they find the right candidates, train them to meet the company's skill requirements, and then place them with client companies.

This post has focused on a train and hire model known as the Hire-Train-Deploy model. First, we'll try to understand this model and see how it can help us find top tech talent.

The Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) Model: What The Buzz Is All About?

As the war for talent heats up, we're seeing more and more innovations in the field of human resource recruitment. For example, hiring a candidate with degrees and certificates is no longer enough. Instead, it all boils down to how capable a person is in carrying out day-to-day tasks to contribute to the growth of a business. And to find the right candidate, businesses and their HR departments use the Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) Model. But what does HTD mean?

The HTD model, taken literally, entails hiring a candidate, training them, and then deploying them to the actual company to launch their career. This staffing model is typically used by a staffing company or consultancy that runs the hire and train program for the client companies. They 'hire' the ideal applicant and 'train' them in the technologies and fields desired by the client. After completing the training and final assessment, the candidate is 'deployed' to the main company.

The HTD model is the inverse of the hire and train program, emphasizing training first and then hiring. HTD companies are typically very specialized in a particular industry. As a result, the selected candidates go through intensive training sessions before being deployed at the end based on the final assessment.

This is a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved. Candidates receive hands-on training in their chosen industry's niches, companies receive a trained workforce with practical experience in technology solutions, and the staffing agency receives compensation and brand recognition.

How does the HTD Model Help Find the Right Talent?

 HTD Model

As previously stated, the HTD model is a win-win situation for all parties involved. Companies can rely on this staffing model to deploy only candidates who have been thoroughly trained and understand their industry.

Here are some examples of how the train and hire programs can help.

Benefits for the Candidate:

  • They get trained.
  • Learn new skills
  • Practical learning about their trade
  • Get deployed at the end of the training

Benefits of the Vendor Company:

  • Earns money
  • Gets brand reputation

Benefits for the Company:

  • Gets the right talent.
  • No extra investment in post-job training.
  • Higher retention rate
  • Gets job-ready candidates.

Let us focus on how the HTD model can help find the right tech talent.

● Get Candidates With the Right Skill Set

Only candidates with the appropriate skill set are chosen under the HTD model. Before considering them, the staffing agency investigates a potential student's educational background, skills, and interests. Only when their talent and skills match those of the industry are hired.

● Offer Candidates With Custom Training

Following hire, the candidate receives customized training based on the module(s) specified by the client company. Students benefit from the rigorous training by learning about the niches of their chosen industry/sector. In addition, they gain highly specialized knowledge to help them work with their future employers.

● Make Them Job-Ready

The hire-train deploy model helps in preparing potential candidates for employment. Companies no longer need to spend time screening candidates. Instead, they know that the workforce they will receive after the final assessment is fully knowledgeable and ready to begin work.

● Intrinsically Encourage Them to Engage Better

Candidates are intrinsically encouraged in this model because they have the opportunity to learn new things. They also understand that if they complete the course successfully, they will be able to launch their career. As a result, they have a strong desire to give their all and demonstrate their abilities.

Implementing HTD Model With 2COMS Group

Hiring a workforce equipped with the necessary experience and competencies can benefit any organization. However, the days of companies spending money on hiring and training candidates are long gone. Nowadays, more emphasis is placed on the train and hire model, in which candidates are hired, trained, and then deployed.

We use a variety of training programs that benefit both parties to assist our client companies in finding the right candidates. In addition, 2COMS provides Hire, Train, and Deploy (HTD) services to help our clients bridge the skill gap and win the talent war.

Our HTD Model

 HTD Model

Our hire-train-deploy model is built around the exact skill set required by our clients. Our training program is a customer-focused, results-driven model that produces highly trained, high-performing, and fully prepared professionals.

After interviewing all potential candidates, we at 2COMS shortlist the ones from various backgrounds who are 'recruited.' We provide them with the appropriate 'training' in accordance with the module established by the client company. It aids in providing trainees with the necessary technical skills and specialized knowledge. After completing the training, the client organization interviews the candidates to hire them on a permanent or contract basis.

We offer training on several technical subjects, including:

  • CRP
  • AWS Cloud
  • Java Developer
  • Zoho Developer
  • Cyber Security

Why Choose 2COMS?

There are several reasons to choose us as your staffing partner. First, we collaborate with our clients to close skill gaps within their organizations. We team up with them to hire, train, and deploy the best tech talent.

We can Reduce Your Recruitment Cost.

Hiring requires a significant financial investment. Our HTD model, on the other hand, eliminates the need for our clients to spend money on screening, hiring, and training candidates. As a result, this enables companies to reduce some of the risks involved in hiring. We also assist candidates in a smooth integration into companies at the end of the training program.

We Offer to Build a Diverse Workforce

We interview candidates from different backgrounds based on their skills, knowledge, and educational background.

Offer Tailor-Made Training

We work closely with our clients to develop training curriculums tailored to their specific business needs. The training module is finalized in collaboration with the client organization's business team. As a result, candidates who complete the training program are well-equipped with the necessary technical skills.

The Takeaway

So this was it! There is no doubt that the HTD model is an advanced staffing model that enables companies to choose the right candidate. And we, at 2Coms, help our client organizations in getting the right workforce to bridge the skill gap. If you want to learn about our program, contact us at

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