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Hiring the Best Java Developers for your organization – is it really possible?

Hire Java Developers with HTD Model

 Hiring the Best Java Developers for your organization – is it really possible? 

2COMS addresses the challenges of hiring Java developers by employing the HTD model that works in meeting the needs of both employers and employees. Know more about it here.

High demand of Java developers

Under the aegis of the latest programming languages, the world has witnessed a deluge of online services and applications that play a terrific role in multiple functions. One of the most popular languages continues to be Java that remains in the forefront of the revolution.

Stackoverflow’s report for the year 2021, revealed that Java is still one of the largest used programming languages in the world, with nearly 65% of respondents indicating the same. The popularity also implies that there is high demand for Java programmers and the trend is not expected to change even in the near future.

Java powers advanced applications enabling the building of high-performance software solutions that are scalable, robust, and secure. The systems powered by Java can process millions of queries per second, and hence continues to be relevant, 3 decades later since its launch. 90% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Java-based systems and solutions.

The latest trends that dictate new and upcoming technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, IoT (Internet of Things), and blockchain, has ensured that employment as a Java developer remains in hot demand in 2022 and beyond. Evans Data Corporation reveals that Java developers constitute  8 million developers today!

Challenges in Hiring Java Developers 

Despite the varied advantages of hiring Java developers, businesses have literally struggled to find a competent set of developers for their requirements.

Here are some challenges faced by business organizations:

 Limited pool of candidates  

Since there is a workforce shortage owing to tech graduates without the right skills set, 67% of recruiters still find it tough to recruit top-quality candidates, as per Jobvite’s 2018 Job Seeker Nation Report.

Additionally, hiring managers find it tough when 86% of the best candidates are usually employed, as per TalentNow’s recruitment insights for 2018.

Developers must be experienced working with Java and its varied levels of complexity. They need to be conversant at least in working with different aspects of Java Development. A lack of specific skills can also lead to frustration in finding the right developers for these companies. Developers with basic experience cannot with their limited exposure manage complex projects unless they work in one of them. Businesses usually need Java developers who have developed different kinds of applications that boast of different attributes. Only versatility in leveraging Java can help them work efficiently in complex projects.

 High salaries

And to continue from the previous point, the best Java developers that are available in the market demand high salaries based on their professional experience, education, tech stack, and expertise with these tools.

Java developers are already in high demand, which means that the in-house developers would definitely cost the company more than the norm. The huge competition also fuels the price rise and trashes the budget along the way.

High recruitment costs 

Many people and businesses do not understand that hiring Java developers usually takes up a lot of time, skill, and money. According to Entrepreneur, business owners spend more than 40% of their time doing non-core tasks like recruitment adding to the overall costs involved in getting a good hire.

Hiring software developers will always be a costly endeavor. Hence it makes sense to hire third-party outsourcing providers to lower hiring costs. Hiring a Java developer does take a huge chunk of productivity hours, ranging from few days to several months.

Lack of domain-specific expertise

Java is a multi-faceted language that is used for several purposes. Java could be used for User Interface design, Networked or distributed applications, and so on. Not all developers possess the experience and expertise in every aspect of Java-based development. It is essential for hiring managers to check their past portfolios to understand their forte.

Bad reviews and testimonials 

It is tough for hiring personnel to assess the quality and expertise of Java developers. The first thing to do when hiring a Java Developer is to check for reviews from their original managers from professional groups. Also, conducting relevant tests in one of the hiring rounds can help in assessing the incumbents of the required skills of a Java developer that the industry needs.

Also, check the previous company’s client testimonials for their developers. These testimonials are handy to perceive the developer’s credentials and their niche expertise.

Lack of communication skills  

Projects often suffer due to faulty communication between clients and vendors. When hiring Java Developers, check if they can communicate well. It is essential to hire developers who can comprehend client requirements. They should be patient enough to listen to the requirements as well as the business scenario before proceeding to the next step.

Working with Deadlines and Budget Constraints 

Java Developers could find it tough to meet deadlines. To meet tough deadlines, the developers need to be ready to battle their way and have the pluck to get the job done. Hiring managers need to be transparent about their expectations in meeting deadlines and the set of requirements. Similarly, businesses need the development process to be done within a stringent budget. But developers need to figure out a way to balance quality and time to work within the constraints.

Competitors giving out better offers 

As per Jobvites 2018 Recruiter Nation Survey, nearly three-fourths of recruiters who are known to hire Java developers lament that they get good candidates but who do not push through, while 53% of them receive better offers from competitors, putting a spanner in their works.

The tight competition in the industry fuels the need of competent Java developers in almost every business out there. They offer multiple benefits or perks to get best talent on board. Benefits include additional holidays, club memberships, flexibility to work from home, and more.

Hire the best java developers as per your skillset requirement with Hire-Train-Deploy model 

The Hire-Train-Deploy model has been a unique and effective approach to reducing the vagaries involved in hiring good Java developers. Here is the outline of the process involved:

  • HIRE: Our recruitment team sources and hires freshers straight from college, along with mid-level professionals through common interviews.
  • TRAIN: We train the candidates for a stipulated period tailored to client requirements for a specific project. Our training involves mentorship and guidance, along with monitoring and weekly reports. A final test is conducted and its results are shared for client evaluation.
  • DEPLOY: The trainees are then deployed in OJT (on-job-training) for the subsequent period aided by Senior consultants for addressing technical queries.
  • SUPPORT: A survey will be conducted related to trainees’ learnings during the OJT phase. They are then given advanced training to reduce risks and guarantee a high success rate for the project.

The HTD model by 2COMS and its benefits

At 2COMS, the hiring managers understand that hiring of Java developers should be aligned with both clients’ and candidates’ needs. The company assesses and understands the organizational challenges while providing value-added recruitment services. 2COMS banks on the large technical landscape and its engaging service models for a flexible hiring model, customized to the client's needs. ​

2COMS also builds an end-to-end customized training plan aligned with a project’s technical requirements. This tailored recruitment strategy helps clients worldwide based on expertise, security, local language skills, and other hiring factors. This hiring model and methodology complements 2COMS and its commitment to offering customer-centric solutions while maximizing the learning curve of the new hires and making them ready for a fulfilling career.

Know more about 2COMS and how it employs the HTD model here.​






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