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Ensuring the culture of learning - top notes on how to check attrition and engage employees

Ensuring the culture of learning

Ensuring the culture of learning - top notes on how to check attrition and engage employees

With the prevailing atmosphere of the pandemic,

the culture of telecommuting has surged to a great level.

While it has enabled employees to dedicate quality hours towards their jobs, there are many disadvantages of it as well. The culture of telecommuting has gained a notorious status for restricting employee engagement by reducing regular communication. Consequently, top companies are focusing on developing strategies that could ensure employee engagement and check attrition rates.

Research studies have shown that there are a few constants that have proved beneficial in driving employee engagement to a great level. These factors include learning and development (L&D) opportunities, leadership scopes, reinforcements, and generating a sense of meaning at work. HR of top business organizations consider Maslow’s Hierarchy when deciding on implementing employee engagement programs: at the bottom is the basic need of payments and benefits, it is preceded by development scopes and promotions, and so on.

In this hierarchy pyramid, the role of L&D opportunities plays a great role in terms of enhancing employee engagement and generating a sense of meaning at work. As a result, executives of top global firms say that employing the culture of learning is one of their top business strategies to enhance employee engagement. Learning cultures have been found to have positive impacts on all areas of a business, from engagement to retention. As per an IBM survey, focused employee training can boost employee performance by almost 80%. Employees are more likely to feel engaged with their present company, feel high job security and look forward to contributing.

Training and development

Training and development As per a survey, 90% of employees prefer to retain with the companies they are working in if they are provided with the scope to training and development.

Upskill programs Offering skill programs can be an effective way to engage employees to learn new skills with which they can feel valued by the company. Many top global firms offer free memberships to their employees to different learning portals where they can enroll in skill programs to learn new skills related to their jobs.

Performance management Giving the employees the scope to share their knowledge and utilize them in their field can be a great way to engage them and boost their confidence. Also acknowledging their accomplishments and providing timely feedback can be the ways to reinforce them on a positive note.

Development scope & promotion-One of the main mottoes behind offering L&D programs to the employees is opening scope for them to climb the ladder of success in the organization. Hence, along with timely feedback, it is also essential for the management to promote their deserving employees to the higher job role.

Learning is not a sole activity but a collaborative approach. Therefore, timely mentoring, coaching, performance reviews, and rewarding digitally as well as physically are also some of the practical ways to boost employee engagement. With the advancement of technology, it has become easier for employees to participate in online L&D programs at the ease of their homes. What is required is encouragement and empathy from the employers.

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