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Potential Job Prospects in the UK for Indian Medical Professionals in 2022

Job opportunities in the UK for Indians are ever-evolving. And if you're interested in learning about Indians' medical job prospects in the UK in 2022, see the post below.

Potential Job Prospects in the UK for Indian Medical Professionals in 2022

With the introduction of new technologies and a greater emphasis on varied health care services, the health and social care in the UK are constantly expanding. Every year, medical experts from all over the world apply for various healthcare jobs in the UK. Specifically, among Indian healthcare professionals, this industry is particularly well-liked. In addition, the present NHS staff shortage improves the UK's medical job prospects.

The UK is a great alternative for Indian healthcare workers for several reasons, including competitive wage packages, career development, and general living standard. As per a report by HSCIC, Indians make up a sizable share of the UK's immigrant medical professionals in the NHS, including approximately 14% of the clinical staff and 26% of non-British doctors.

 The UK Health and Social Care Sector

A nation's health care system is a fundamental pillar since it helps mitigate the economic effects of public health problems. The Beveridge model, which upholds a "national single-payer health care system," guides the UK healthcare system. In this system, the bulk of hospitals and physicians are employed by the government.

According to the UK Healthcare Outlook 2022, the public healthcare system, in which most medical treatments are free at the point of delivery, is the foundation of the UK's health and life sciences system. The model is funded by general taxes, with the average resident contributing roughly 18% of their income tax to healthcare. This country's permanent residents are all covered by a government-sponsored healthcare system. Although every UK person has a right to public healthcare, they can also pay for private healthcare facilities.

The country's healthcare system is expanding, yet there is a lack of trained medical personnel. Although the workforce of the NHS includes an extensive range of skilled, specialized, and unskilled employees, there is an acute shortage of professionals. Due to this severe deficit, the country is more susceptible to sudden shocks like the COVID-19 pandemic, which will result in over 6 million people (in England) being on waiting lists for elective care by 2022.

 Job Opportunities in the UK for Health Professionals

The growing healthcare system and the shortage of medical personnel can be considered as two factors that propel job opportunities in the UK health and social care sector.

As per the reports of the Royal College of Midwives and The Health Foundation, there is an acute dearth of nurses and midwives in the UK. Even while the NHS has often expressed interest in hiring additional immigrants, including health care workers from India, by 2030, there may still be a shortage of more than 350,000 professionals in the UK.

Additionally, the UK government has made it plain that the NHS will continue to depend on hiring foreign physicians at least through 2023. And the government has abolished the Tier 2 visa cap in order to attract more foreign healthcare professionals to apply for doctor and nursing job opportunities in the UK. Employers are also emphasizing streamlining and simplifying foreign doctors' registration and language-testing process.

These adjustments might make it easier for Indians to find healthcare jobs in the UK. Additionally, attractive compensation plans might enable Indian doctors to make between £27,000 and £31,000 a year for a 40-hour workweek. With increased specialization, the number would rise.

 Job prospects in the UK for Indian Medical Professionals 

UK jobs for Indians in the healthcare field could become much easier if a few steps are followed properly. Keep in mind that the UK government is streamlining the process to attract more foreign medical professionals. But the question still lingers what job opportunities are there in the UK for Indian medical professionals.

 Let's try to answer this question in detail.

 The NHS's staffing shortage and the UK's healthcare industry's reliance on foreign healthcare workers have been mentioned above. However, a survey indicates that too many jobs are available in the UK, and its residents cannot fill them. Furthermore, it indicates that the Shortage Occupation List, or the SOL, would continue to be unfilled if foreign-trained professionals were not hired.

SOL occupations are some of the simplest to obtain a visa sponsorship due to the rising need for them in the UK. Additionally, because healthcare jobs in the UK come under the SOL category, it is simpler for Indians to apply for a visa, and their chances of approval are higher.

Qualified Indian healthcare professionals can apply for a range of medical job opportunities in the UK, like nurses, GP, public health managers, daycare professionals, and so on. Hence, Indians can apply for the Skilled Worker's Visa (Tier 2) to fly and work as a professional healthcare service provider in the UK. Overseas doctors can apply for posts at any grade, provided they have successfully registered their profession under GMC.

To be more specific, a few challenges must be overcome to work as a medical professional in the UK. Among them are:

● Passing the IELTS [or OET]

● Obtaining the Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB)- No more mandatory under certain circumstances

● To get registered under the General Medical Council or GMC.

● Passing the USMLE (United States Medical Licence Exam), the AMC (Australian Medical Council) exam, or the MCCQ (Medical council of Canadian qualification) exam, if applicable.

● Passing the Medical training initiative, the United Kingdom, or the MRCS exam, wherever applicable.

 You should read the visa requirements and minimum eligibility criteria before applying. That said, if these hurdles are successfully passed, it is easy for Indian doctors to opt for training opportunities. They can also follow the Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration for their career growth.

  Key Takeaway

the NHS who are respected. Working for the NHS has many advantages, such as higher income, professional advancement opportunities, etc. Additionally, as more and more health difficulties arise, there will be a greater need for healthcare workers, which might result in a wealth of chances for Indian medical professionals in 2022 and beyond.

 We at IndieTalent can assist you in expanding your understanding of the medical job opportunities in the UK. Our team of specialists, who have in-depth knowledge of the UK health and social care sector, is available via phone.  

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