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How Can Working Abroad Be Beneficial For Your Career Development?

Gone are the days when people only dreamt of getting into the best organization in their country. Instead, career opportunities abroad are creating new trends and desires among individuals. Even though the pandemic has limited international migration, 2021 saw a spike. 

As per InterNations' Ex-pat Insider 2021 study, over 47% of ex-pats migrated to another nation to advance their careers. No doubt, moving overseas has a plethora of advantages. Working abroadtendency to seek professional opportunities abroad is increasing.

Work Abroad: Why this Trend is Growing?

Working abroad has become more popular in recent years due to various factors. Some of these factors are as follows:


As the globe shrinks and business functions become global, there is a huge scope for people to move overseas. It's never been easier to look for and apply for overseas employment from the comfort of one's home. Hence, people who can effectively work across boundaries seek international career opportunities.

Economic opportunities:

Many countries offer better economic opportunities or salaries. So, working abroad will likely enhance one’s chances of getting increased wages and improved job prospects. This is another reason that often appeals to employees to move abroad.


Technological advancements have made it easier for individuals to work and move overseas.

Cultural exchange:

Many people want to learn about new cultures and ways of life. And working abroad might provide them with that opportunity.

The desire for personal growth:

Working abroad is likely to expand knowledge. Also, individuals can gain new experiences and develop personal and professional skills. The newly gained knowledge and skills can further enhance one's career prospects.

As a result of these reasons, a rising number of people are opting for international career opportunities for the short or long term. Also, many organizations now have programs to assist employees who choose to go abroad, which has further surged the trend.

The Top 8 Benefits of Abroad Jobs for Career Development

So you've got a lot of reasons to relocate abroad. One question that may persist is what your move's benefits may be. You may already have some hints if you read the above reasons. Yet, to offer you a comprehensive picture, the following benefits are outlined in detail.

1. More Power to the CV

How about adding a section in your CV that highlights your experience of working abroad? Sounds great, doesn’t it? Career opportunities abroad can add some brownie points to your CV or resume. But how? Let us explain.

Working in a foreign nation requires a wide range of capabilities, including better professional competencies, strong interpersonal skills, and adaptability. Working abroad will also provide more opportunities for training and growth. This, in turn, will allow you to become a better-trained professional in your industry. These elements will put you and your CV far ahead of the competition.

2. Learn to be Flexible

Working abroad means working with people from different backgrounds. This, in turn, fosters high adaptability and flexibility in an individual. As a result, individuals will better understand diversity and be more tolerant of others. Furthermore, this adaptability enables individuals to adjust swiftly to shifting roles, goals, concepts, developments, approaches, etc.

3. Learning

Whether it be the local language or a new way to eat, international career opportunities offer "learning" in many ways.

Let's give you a perspective. According to global executive recruitment agency Korn Ferry, over 30% of multinational corporate executives are multilingual. So, having knowledge of multiple languages adds advantages to one's career prospects. It also adds a competitive advantage to the CV. And working abroad opens the scope for learning new languages.

4. Personal Development

This post focuses on how working abroad boosts career development. But we must also recognize the personal development such opportunities provide. We must remember that if we do not grow personally, we will never advance professionally.

That said, working in a foreign setting will challenge you to adjust to new ways of working, encouraging talents such as problem-solving, resilience, agility, and teamwork. Working abroad with new people will also help you acquire confidence. All these abilities will undoubtedly help you develop personally and professionally as a more capable and resilient human being.

5. Improved Communication Skills

Again, this is linked to learning a new language(s). When you work overseas, you will interact with people from all over the world. This will need you to communicate in English and other languages, at the very least in the local tongue. And mastering new languages and ways to communicate will only help you boost your interpersonal skill sets and CV.

6. Networking

When you transcend boundaries; you get to engage with people worldwide. You give yourself the scope to mingle with people from other countries.  Richard Hanson stated in a Forbes article, "Outside of your local area, you will have the opportunity to network with other stakeholders who may become powerful later on...."

Working overseas allows you to collaborate with locals and ex-pats from other countries, which can lead to new job prospects. This may be beneficial in obtaining better professional opportunities and advancement. Furthermore, you will likely make long-lasting friendships with people of diverse cultures and nationalities.

7. Higher Salary

We must remember that a good wage package is nearly always one of the main motivators for people to relocate abroad. It is important to note that some countries will pay you more to join them than others. For example, most professionals prefer Germany, within the EU countries, because German companies pay higher wages than other European countries. According to surveys, Indians in Germany earn around 1,300 euros more than Germans on average. And when people are paid better, they are more willing to work harder for better outcomes that improve their talents and provide more profit for the organization.

8. Advanced Career Growth

In the age of high competition, employers seek employees with diverse skills and expertise. And as stated before, international career opportunities can imbibe you with multiple skill sets. You are more likely to learn betters to adapt, communicate, work in a team, etc. As a result, working abroad impresses employers more, offering you higher professional development chance.

Things to Consider While Planning for International Employment

Working overseas means working from afar. Although it may appear emotional, it has become an integral element of modern professional life. People relocate from one country to another in search of work or to establish permanent residence. Working abroad has numerous advantages. However, if a few key variables are considered, everything will fall into place. So, before you depart, look over the following points to learn about the things to consider when looking for jobs abroad

  • Research the company you are going to work for.
  • Learn about the local culture and geography of your chosen country.
  • Talk to professionals about the visa and other necessary documentation processes.
  • Connect with fellow ex-pats on social media like LinkedIn.
  • Learn the local language of the new country.
  • Find out a source to get around.
  • Learn about the cost of living in the new country.
  • Have a clear picture of the expenses you would need to make in the shifting and settling process.
  • Get all your credentials handy.
  • Understand the work policies and legal requirements to work in the new country.

The Takeaway

To summarize, working abroad is extremely advantageous to one's career advancement. However, going overseas may appear to be a complex job. So, if you're already sold on the benefits of career opportunities abroad, check out IndieTalent. The website is useful for applying for jobs in countries such as the UK, the US, Germany, and others. You can also speak with their executive to learn different ways to apply for jobs in various areas abroad and settle there.

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