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Demand for Indian nurses in the international healthcare industry

Healthcare is one such field that will never go out of demand. This industry is experiencing a significant upsurge because of the growing epidemics, viruses, and illnesses. But in some major countries, there is a gap between the supply and demand of healthcare professionals.

For instance, until 2023–2024, the NHS will need to hire at least 5,000 more foreign nurses annually. The need for nurses and other health professionals is growing worldwide, and factors such as an aging workforce, inadequate training, early retirement, etc., all contribute to this demand. Therefore, there is a high chance for Indian-trained nurses to harness this opportunity and work as health care professionals abroad. The good news is that Indian nurses are in high demand in the international healthcare industry.

Are Indian Nurses in Demand Abroad?

Over the past year, the UK has actively recruited nurses from non-EU nations. According to the Health Foundation's analysis, in the years 2018–19, 1,791 Indian nurses registered with nursing panels throughout Europe. There is a growing need for qualified Indian nurses worldwide, not just in the UK. The fact that over 6,000 Indian nurses work in Europe, the US, Australia, and Canada is a pretty good indicator of this. And since the Covid-19 outbreak, this demand has greatly increased.

According to reports in the Print, the Kerala government's ODEPC scheme sent 253 nurses in February 2021 instead of the 40 nurses (the usual figure). This is an increase of more than six times. India is thought to export nurses at a higher rate than the Philippines. From the Gulf to the OCED countries, there is a high demand for Indian professionals in the global health workforce in 2022. UAE, Malta, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium are a few of the top nations contacting India for qualified nurses.

Future Demand for healthcare professionals in the international healthcare industry

The World Health Organization (WHO) predicted an 18 million-person shortage in healthcare workers by 2030 before COVID-19. The pandemic has affected mostly those who worked as frontline health workers, like nurses, GPs, and so on. As a result, the demand and supply of the global health workforce in 2022 have changed structurally.

The field of nursing is among those in the health and social care sector that is expanding the quickest. The projected increase in the need for registered nurses in the United States by 2026 is evidence of this. Also predicted is the creation of 40 million new jobs in the health sector globally by 2030. However, a shortage of 18 million health workers will prevent filling these positions. These statistics show that nurses and other healthcare workers will migrate internationally.

Which is the best country for Indian nurses to work in?

Dreaming of migrating abroad to pursue a bright career in nursing? Here are the best countries for Indian nurses to work in.

  • The UK

We cannot ignore the UK when it comes to international healthcare jobs. The country’s apex health care organization, the NHS, constantly faces a shortage of nurses and other medical staff. According to the Guardian, a growing staffing crisis is affecting the NHS, which includes 8,158 doctors and 39,652 nurses. The compensation package is also alluring. For instance, the NHS pays adult nurses between £25,654 and £31,533 per year. Additionally, you can make 30% to 60% more money if you work more hours.

 Lucrative, isn't it?

  • The USA

High demand and low supply have also created the current nursing shortage across the US. The projected shortage of nurses by state (by 2030) is given below.

Source: USAHS

Registered nursing was the fifth-most profession in the American workforce. Hospitals are looking for qualified nurses from other countries. The opportunity to apply for the international healthcare sector is huge. A registered nurse makes around $67490 annually. Nurses in the highest-paying state can earn over $94,000 annually.

  • Belgium

Belgium is a good choice if you're looking to relocate abroad, where health and social care workers are paid fairly. Due to increased globalization, there is a surge in demand for Indian workers abroad. And since the Covid-19 outbreak, demand for Indian nurses has increased worldwide. Belgium will be hiring Indian nurses for the first time because of the strong ties between the two countries. Anoop K.A., managing director of the ODEPC, reports that the conversation is ongoing and that both nations are attempting to resolve the language barrier.

  • Australia

Australia's nursing and midwifery workforce is expanding. This opens the country up for foreign healthcare workers. Australian nurses in various settings, including hospitals, schools, etc.

Nursing falls under the Skilled Occupation List. You can apply for a nursing visa under the following subclasses: 186, 189, 190, 407, 485, 489, 482, 187, 494, and 491. The Australian Nursing & Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC), the assessing authority, will evaluate your qualifications for the available visa options.

To be a nurse in Australia, one must meet the criteria set by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) and be registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority (AHPRA). To meet the requirements of NMBA and AHPRA, Indian nurses must complete a Bridging program, also known as IRON (International Registration for Overseas Nurses) or EPIQ (Entry program for Internationally qualified Nurses). To learn more about the ways to move to Australia and work as a registered nurse, read here.

  • New Zealand

To work in beautiful New Zealand, Indian nurses must register with the Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ). An overseas nurse can register in New Zealand in several ways.

  • Complete the Competency Assessment Program (Adaptation Program)
  • Completed a graduate pre-registration nursing program successfully
  • Enroll in a Post Graduate in Nursing Level 8 Program at a New Zealand university.

To practice as a registered nurse in New Zealand, the following criteria must be met.

  • 7 band IELTS score
  • Minimum of two years working as a registered nurse in the previous five years
  • OET B (minimum score of 350 for each band)


So, this was our take on demand for qualified Indian nurses in the international healthcare industry. The key takeaway is that the demand is huge, and if you could choose the right pathway, it is not at all a tough dream to fulfill. But if you are new in this sphere, Indietalent is there to assist you. From choosing the right pathway to train you in language and helping you get settled in the new country, we do it all. And we are just a click and a phone call away!

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