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10 Countries With The Best Lifestyle For Those Looking To Move Abroad

10 Countries With The Best Lifestyle For Those Looking To Move Abroad

Striving to enhance your lifestyle in a cost-effective country? Here is a list of the top 10 countries you can explore with one of the best lifestyles.

Migrating and making a country shift is a huge decision. This can depend on a lot of factors. Covid-19 and the pandemic have taught us how we were taking things for granted. It has also opened gates for career opportunities and the hidden love for travel in many people. Cultural influence is one of the prominent reasons why people make a shift in their resident country. People moving abroad seeking a shift may have multiple reasons, such as-

  • Better Quality of Life
  • Higher Pay
  • Better Job opportunities
  • Healthy Work Culture
  • No Reservation System
  • Massive Educational Options
  • High growth potential
  • Social Benefits For Expats

Moving abroad and seeking betterment for your own future isn’t selfish. People strive, learn and even work overtime just to get growth in their careers and a better lifestyle for their families. There are many countries that can offer you the best lifestyle with valuable education and better life quality. Let’s have a look at some of these magnificent countries with the best quality of life.


Singapore is a country known for its varied culture, cleanliness, and lavish lifestyle. In an HSBC survey, the expats ranked this as one of the best countries to move to. You will see a lot of Indians around you and you won't feel away from home. The work culture there is a bit challenging but the pay structure is quite rewarding. When working in Singapore, you get medical facilities, relocation assistance, incentives, child health care benefits, conveyance reimbursements, etc.


Being one of the most favorable migration destinations it is also the world’s largest leading place for imports and export. Indians mostly migrate to Germany for a better lifestyle, higher education, and flexible work culture. The country is known for its art, literature, and perfectionism in everything. The job culture there is quite flexible as compared to India. You can easily enjoy one of the best lifestyles and get jobs in software development, health care, nursing, and IT fields.

New Zealand

From the enterprise-level opportunities to the seasonal ones, New Zealand has it all. If you are looking to study and then immediately work and enhance your lifestyle, this country is perfect for you. The country is famous for its seasonal job opportunities with no language barriers.

United Kingdom

Finding a country that respects all cultures and beliefs is difficult, right? But in the UK you won't face any such problems. The lavish museums and the warm welcome by the locals will make you fall in love with the place. The cost of living here is a bit high but has one of the best lifestyles.

You can easily get jobs related to health care, nursing, tech, and IT industries. Recently, immigration policies have been made easier and now you can easily get your work visa. The other work benefits involve pension, housing allowances, and health care facilities for your family as well.

The Netherlands

A safe country with a quality life and work-life balance, that's what everyone wants when moving abroad. This destination is for powerful career-minded people and is not for short-term job opportunities. There are abundant opportunities to study, work or even become an entrepreneur and start your own business. You can either get a work visa or small businesses can get started with the freelance and self-employment visas.


Besides the beaches and the exotic destinations, the country is one of the cheapest for job seekers. The lower cost of living and the delicious food wants you to stay and work in Thailand.

Teaching jobs are the most common there but you also have the option open for hospitality jobs. Besides these interesting job options, you get paid vacations, flexible work hours, quality health care facilities and an amazing work-life balance. The clear beaches, islands, and the alluring culture make Thailand one of the best countries to migrate to.


Ranking in the 2nd position on the world’s happiness index makes the country appealing at first. This destination is a great option for families looking for free healthcare and sponsored education for their little ones. People living and working in Denmark enjoy a healthy work-life balance and can pursue options for their growth.

United Arab Emirates

Exploring to work in a luxurious environment and not pay a huge cost? UAE is the place for you. After Canada, a huge number of Indians are living in Dubai, UAE. About 30% of the population in UAE is that of Indians. The country is equipped with lavish buildings, deserts, museums, and exotic beaches. You will get the shopping experience of huge brands like Sephora, Mochi, House of Nomad, Chanel, Dior, and many others.

You get the best lifestyle with jobs in healthcare, financial services, the retail sector, and IT departments. The work benefits here include part-time work options, in-house learning events, healthcare benefits, paid leaves, financial advisory services, and health benefits.


If we talk about enhancing the standard of living, lifestyle, and education, we cannot miss Norway on the list. Jobs that are in demand in Norway include nursing, medicine, tourism, and engineering. The country is famous for its easy immigration policies, scenic beauty, and how easily you get a work-life balance. Some more work benefits include social security, health insurance, sick leaves, pension and healthcare facility for your family members.


The best and the most attractive city for Indians is Canada. The Indians are now comfortable with the points-based immigration system so they don't find it difficult to settle there. The cost of living is low and the salary structure is high which makes it one of the best countries to live in. The favourable job opportunities include healthcare, IT, and research. Also, language is no longer a barrier for migrants in Canada. Apart from the work-life balance, many companies support a healthy lifestyle by providing flexible work hours, childcare facilities, and other healthcare benefits.


There are numerous other magnificent countries with the best lifestyle and job opportunities. The immigration processes including the visa application in many countries, have been eased, but you still have to go through that. Working and settling abroad is not an easy decision but the experiences, insights, and value they add to your life are worth every challenge. If you are unsure about the procedures, you can take help from professionals who can guide you on the right track. No matter which place you choose, the only thing that will help you are your skills, passion, and knowledge. Therefore, keep upskilling yourself and updated about how to grab the international opportunities even if it doesn't knock on the door.

“A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.” - Lao Tzu

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