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What are degree apprenticeships, and how can they narrow India's skill gap?

Curious about the degree apprenticeship program? A degree apprenticeship program is an excellent chance for a new graduate to get a degree while gaining industrial experience and income. Let's view the blog to acquire further information.

In India, most higher education institutes plan to implement degree apprenticeship programs. In the 21st century, apprenticeship schemes in India are better for students than traditional degree programs. By building a talent pipeline, increasing productivity, and lowering the rate of people leaving their jobs, the initiative has made it possible to connect employers and employees through new channels in the supply chain. The apprenticeship program has empowered young people by permitting earning while learning and learning by doing opportunities. The need for apprentices among employers has grown because of the expansion of new apprenticeship programs.

Degree Apprenticeship Program

Degree apprenticeships combine on-the-job training's structure and framework and a degree curriculum customized for a particular profession or industry. In a traditional degree apprenticeship program, supervisors would teach aspiring students, get hands-on training on the job, and take specialized classes, primarily online. The businesses where they complete their on-the-job training employ these apprentices full-time. Both the company and the government are responsible for paying the apprenticeship fees. When a student finishes a degree apprenticeship program, they leave with a college degree and a lot of work experience. This combination makes them uniquely qualified for employment.

Companies frequently lament the "skills gap," which refers to the discrepancy between what they want in potential employees and what a recent university graduate can give. Universities and employers work together to set up degree apprenticeship programs. During their apprenticeships, students learn academic papers from university faculty and get training from employers on specific skills. Students also pick up many soft skills applicable to the job when interacting with coworkers and building their networks. These students are preferred by companies for their open positions as opposed to complete freshers with no experience because they are better equipped to handle business uncertainties after completing their studies and take less time to become productive.

Indian Universities Think Degree Apprenticeships Work Better

According to a recent analysis by Teamlease EdTech titled "Future of Apprenticeship in India," there will be roughly 10 million apprentices in India during the next five years. In addition, the report noted that just 35% of the 1.2 crore graduates are genuinely employable in the sector. In India, there are now 0.5 million apprentices working in various industries.

The Times of India quoted TeamLease founder and CEO Shantanu Rooj saying that we have a tremendous skills issue in India. Degree apprenticeships have come to light as a potential remedy for this skills shortage in recent years. Higher education institutions in India are convinced that degrees with incorporated apprenticeships opportunity are more advantageous for students. Our poll shows that 79% of colleges and HEIs believe such programs give students practical, hands-on skills that prepare them for the workforce. In addition, 71% believe that these programs help students better understand the intricacies of the corporate world once they enter employment.

Four to five institutions in India presently provide degree apprenticeships. The NEP (National Education Policy) 2020 has also laid the groundwork to support institutions in facilitating the introduction of degree-level apprenticeships. According to the study, 70% of colleges and universities believe that introducing new degree apprenticeship programs will increase the need for apprentices while simultaneously providing students with practical job experience.

How Can Degree Apprenticeship Narrow India's Skill Gap?

Securing and keeping a highly qualified workforce is essential to our future economic prosperity since the business world is changing quickly. Employers don't have to wait for qualified people to show up at their door to build their workforce. Instead, they can use degree apprenticeship programs. If done right, these creative and unusual programs could make a big dent in the skills gap because they are designed to meet the needs of businesses by giving people the information and skills they want and need.

Several governments say that the best way to close this skills gap is to give potential workers the training they need. However, this solution has only worked a little because most government training programs occur in classrooms instead of on the factory floor. Degree apprenticeships combine a full degree tailored to the employer's needs with several years of practical skills learned on the job. This makes these programs enchanting to employers. The government will still have a role to play. It will have to ensure that apprentices' stipends are subsidized and meet the minimum skill standards. It will also have to make it possible for universities to join the apprenticeship program in India, ensuring that apprentices can find jobs. It must create an environment where degree apprenticeships have the same prestige value as a traditional college degree.


No subsidy can ever improve lives the way that education, employability, and employment can. Degree apprenticeship programs provide students with a combination of education and skills, develop a novel employer-funded financing model, assist organizations in building their talent pipelines, and assist institutions in integrating employability into their curriculum. Numerous businesses have suffered significant setbacks due to the Corona crisis, which is still ongoing. As a result, most companies are conservative with their new hiring projections. Organizations would become risk-averse and start seeking certain qualities in their new hires, such as a shorter path to productivity, a candidate with various talents who can fill various roles, and someone strong in soft and hard skills. More than any other course or skill-building program, degree apprenticeships can prepare university students for this unpredictable and constantly changing world! Degree apprenticeships will prepare the way for higher education's colossal leap forward now that the time has come.

In conclusion, if an employer wants to build a pipeline of good workers, the degree apprenticeship program from 2COMS can help them reach their goals. An employer can get full support and information on developing an effective degree apprenticeship program by visiting their website. Don't hesitate to reach out to 2COMS for assistance in building career and the company's talent pool.

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