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2COMS has transformed me into a professional, it has boosted my confidence and has enhanced my skills. Its an employee centric organization where I found an opportunity to expand my area of interest, I found some successful / great teams here who taught me the significance of unity and team spirit. The best thing about 2COMS is that it lets you breathe ideas and innovation. Its not about success or failure here, but its about the journey, it’s experience and the learning. Proud to be a part of 2COMS family.

“Quality work, great environment and learning opportunities are the reasons why I chose to work with 2COMS. My seniors and colleagues are very organized and easy to work with. The whole experience has been great and I am very happy to be a part of this organization.”

I enrolled for CRE training and I got absorbed here . I joined as a Associate and now I am Lead Recruiter here. Whatever I am right now just because of 2COMS as well as for JobsAcademy.

Its been a lovely journey, lot of learning and exposure to work on challenging projects have always kept me motivated here. The guidance and support from my seniors have actually helped me make my way to success.

2COMS provides comfortable and professional space in which I can meet with clients and get great work done. Its a wonderful place to learn and grow.

It has been a wonderful journey I got opportunity to work and experiment . I have learnt a lot and enhanced my skills to perform & excel . 2COMS is best place to work and excel in Recruitment Industry.

I went through the CRP Programme and got absorbed in 2COMS as an Associate and today I stand as an Account SPOC. The organization has not only helped me grow as an professional but also had fine tuned my potential, boosted my confidence and nurtured my ability.

“It has been an enriching and exhilarating experience. 2COMS has given me a chance to develop my abilities and skills like no other employer had done before. If you are truly interested in investing in your future, 2COMS can help you meet these goals.”
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