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Social Media – A New Dimension for Recruitment

Social Media – A New Dimension for Recruitment

preview full 2coms Blog 4We all know that the technological revolution is underway, bringing remarkable changes to the society. It has the absolute strength and potential to abolish all traditional methods of communication, while giving rise to new and empowering platforms that are highly advanced, secure and technical. The biggest example of digitalization is the sudden rise of social media.

Social Media – Influencing Business Spectrum

Social media has not only revolutionized global culture, but also introduced new technological norms in a broader way, influencing business spectrum, too. Today, everyone loves to access social media channels because of its widespread penetration and adoption. In this furious chase, why businesses should lag behind? Today, global businesses have successfully embraced social media in order to claim their digital presence on the web as well as simplify their overall recruitment process.

Social media – Reducing the digital gap

In today’s digital landscape, social media has become an influential way for both small and large scale enterprises to reach their prospects, inform them, educate them, and recruit the right candidate. Since customers are already using a wide range of social media platforms, it is far easier and simpler for brands to use it to connect with their customers and streamline their overall recruitment process.  

Social Media and Recruitment 

We all know that recruitment is all about finding the most suitable candidates and making worthy connections with them. And in today’s environment social media is the best place because people like to stay active on different social media platforms. That is why it makes sense to use social media platforms to attract the right candidate.

Here are a few strategies for recruiters –

  • Blogs – Blogs have become the most powerful tool to communicate with the people. Recruiters should use this opportunity and create & publish relevant blogs to explain job description, job duties and other relevant details. Candidates can read and understand the job description and apply immediately. Undeniably, it is the most effective and cost efficient way to attract the most suitable candidate.
  • Glassdoor – Glassdoor needs no introduction. It is a platform where current and former employees can review companies. It also enables users to apply for jobs. Hence, it comes as no surprise that it offers a great opportunity for recruiters. They can use this versatile platform to manage reviews, know about their candidates, help candidates to learn about the company, and highlight your job details.
  • GitHub Community Forum – It has become the most sought-after platform for both recruiters and candidates. Recruiters choose it to know about their candidates, their interest and trending technological platforms, while candidates use it to discuss their requirements, modern programming tools, languages, and frameworks, etc.
  • Job Classifieds – Job Classifieds are still relevant when it comes to finding the right job. It not only offers extensive options to recruiters, but also assists job seekers to apply for jobs in a convenient way. Besides that, it is an economical option for both recruiters and candidates. Today, there a large number of jobs classified sites that are not only powerful and effective, but also focused and simplify job searching and recruitment procedure.
  • Google Hire – You might have about it; it is a new sensation that has been designed to help you manage your company’s overall recruiting process. It assists small to medium businesses to publish jobs, identify as well as attract candidates, and manage the interview process. Isn’t it great?
  • Social Media Groups – Social Media Groups are becoming stronger than ever because they attract the widest possible audience. These groups are not only ideal for businesses to build healthy relations with their customers, but also attract top talent for an organization to achieve its goals. Modern companies can use highly active groups for branding, staffing and digital marketing.
In essence

This shows that social media has enough potential to align, simplify and foster the entire recruitment process of a company. In a nutshell, businesses that don’t adopt social media platforms will lose out to those that do. So, are you ready to tap the full potential and dynamics of social media to find the right talent?   
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