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Organizations are looking for Talent not just manpower. The war for talent is always on, the ever changing environment it becomes extremely important to fill key positions with timely deadlines. 2COMS Recruitment solutions are structured to ensure solutions to an Organization’s needs across different levels differently.

Lateral Recruitment

The constant need to look at Talent within and across all sectors is very important in today's diverse world. It is no more enough to just look for talent within your own network on people and people within your industry. The business environment today is complex and organizations across all industries are seeing themselves to cross boundaries beyond their respective Industries.

What 2COMS offers:

2COMS expertise across many verticals help our clients gain from the network and knowledge available within. In depth research on the workforce is done to ensure that the client can hire the best heads for the work and make way for impact from day one. Project oriented hires are also possible in this regard.

To sum it up the 2COMS advantage are as follows:

  • In- depth competition workforce analysis
  • Headhunting for skilled talent
  • Ready pool of skilled resources for lateral hire
  • Pool of 150+ recruiters to ensure holistic promotion
  • Social recruitment and reference mechanism application
  • Defined TAT for hires for hard to fill profiles

Bulk Hiring Services

Turnkey projects, especially in IT, ITES, Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail organization need ready resources, often within tight deadlines ready to go and deployed. Most importantly they are needed in bulk. It is a challenge for both established and growing companies to bulk hire resources within a predefined and often narrow TAT.

Bulk hires are tricky for a number of causes. Apart from the obvious number of profiles to be filled, the challenges of Bulk Hires are:

  • Uniform and quality screening of candidates
  • Sourcing of candidates within a strict deadline
  • Selection process implementation on a large scale
  • Final joining and document verification
  • Continually rolling on bulk hires for certain skills

What 2COMS offers:

2COMS has been successful in providing bulk hire services to a plethora of top tier clients including the likes of Wipro, Accenture, Vodafone, Reliance Jio, Myntra, Electrosteel, SIEMENS, British Telecom, Cognizant  and many more. What 2COMS has been able to do consistently is provide quality resources, within stipulated time over a remarkable period of time.

2COMS ensured the following for bulk hiring services
  • Clearly defined TAT for bulk hires
  • Quality screening process
  • Implementation of innovative sourcing mechanism
  • Creating talent pool of skilled resources continually to bring down TAT

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