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Payroll & Compliance

Payrolling Service from 2COMS

2COMS take the pain out of the payroll management process of diversified companies by taking care of the following pointers for firms

  • Attendance Management-Online/Offline
  • Leave Management – Online/Offline
  • Salary Processing
  • F&F Settlement
  • Tax Computations
  • Payroll Compliance Computation
  • Reimbursements Audit & Approval

Why you should outsource your payrolling process?

There are tons of reasons for a firm to outsource the payrolling process, Here are some reasons why outsourcing is a better option for firms :


Time consuming

Payrolling is a time consuming process which can be done away to invest time on other operations.



With this burden of Payrolling removed, HR Team can focus on doing more productive things.


Updated Payroll Technology Insight

A good Payroll-Service Provider will know all the ins & outs of payroll-related tax laws


Ensures compliance

It is difficult for larger firms to keep track of statutory deposits and to file returns



Payroll mistakes are painful. Erroneous and late filings result in penalties. Delegation to experts thus ensures better accuracies



An in-house payroll service is a money burner


Employee and Employer dashboards for seamless communications and observation

2COMS employs interactive tools to ensure the following

  • HR Information viewing –
  • Personal, Professional & Educational information of employees
  • Updated & maintained information of employee details
  • Data back-up of employee history

Real Time Management Tool usage

The real time payroll management tools gives the clients a holistic picture of employed manpower and their payroll related data.



  • Capture employee turnout
  • Bulk upload of attendance data
  • Details viewable to employee

Online Leave Management

  • Leave balance management
  • Carry forward & lapse
  • Manage leave time available, leave taken vs. leave approved
  • Online Leave Apply/Approval/Rejections

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