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Leadership Recruitment


When it comes to leadership recruitment, the hiring become harder as the pay grades go up. It is much easier to hire a fresher to mid management level profile than the leaders. For every organization the challenge to fill up top tier positions is felt more acutely – not only due to scarcity of top level executives, but also due to the fierce competition from the competitors to hire the top heads. Generic recruitment techniques come up short when it comes to Premium Circle Hires. Continuous Headhunting and nurturing of profiles is a tedious task that is hard to accomplish by firms on their own. The main problems faced by firms in Premium Circle Hires are

  • Attraction of Talent – The prospects need to be engaged with before taking on board the talent as in today’s world the prospective candidates have a lot of expectations from the employer beyond compensation.
  • Transition Time- top level hires need more time to transition from one job to another
  • Profile mapping – Mapping people is a science which needs a must deeper analysis of talent beyond just pulling out names and contact details of people across organizations and industry.

The 2COMS Headhunting Mechanism

2COMS boasts of a solid pool of accomplished head hunters who excel in creating not only a ready pool of top-level executive resumes, but also a cordial interpersonal relationship with them over time. 2COMS helps companies with top level hires with the below implementations:

  • Mapping Talent across Industries
  • Making the top executives join the within a stipulated amount of time
  • In-depth profile analysis and research before sourcing the profiles
  • Career trajectory mapping of the sourced candidate with the future requirements of the client company
  • Streamlining the post offer and joining formalities
  • Getting the clear understanding of the knowledge benefits the premium hires bring to the new company
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