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IT Staffing

IT Staffing

The IT Staffing business is all about having the right person at the right time. With the dynamic environment in today’s business and the constant push on bringing the cost downwards, it becomes extremely important for an organization to reduce headcount / bench pool.

Contract / Contract to Hire models are just the way to variables the manpower needs of IT Talent in the uncertain competitive environment.

Product Development teams / Application development teams need specialist all of the time, but not necessarily for the entire project duration. Attracting top talent for the short duration projects become extremely difficult and pushes organization to settle for average skills impacting the product / application. IT Skills on Demand is the solution for such organizations ensuring availability of TOP Talent and at a Quick TAT.

2COMS has a strong Technology Staffing and Recruitment team. A Team of 25+ and growing Technology Recruiters with average of 4 Years + IT Recruitment experience.

2COMS does a continuous engagement level within the  Tech world, which helps in managing quick TAT and availability of TOP Talent.

Service Delivery Model

Contract to Hire – The model gives the flexibility to both the Client and the Employee to benefit from a Trail period leaving room for engaging in a full time employment structure. 2COMS has a dedicated team for the Contract to Hire model working on constant needs based demands of the clients. The duration of CTH agreement can range anywhere from 3 Months to 1 Months.

Fixed term Contract Hires – The delivery model is a perfect model for companies with working on Project deployment, transitions, enhancement on existing product / applications of clients and do not want to maintain cost centres post the completion of the Product. With technology changing at such a fast pace, or needs of temporary skills due to influx on demand owing to some clients acquisitions, the FTC service delivery model is the best model to use.

IT Stills Ready On Demand – The Average TAT required in both the above models range from 30 days to 90 days, as in both the above models the talent required would already be on a Current engagement and may need a longer Turnaround time to join. The IT Skills Ready On Demand is the solution to companies to hire talent for a short to long duration within a Very Short time. The talent in this pool would be mix of Bench, Virtual Bench and Gig worked. The model could be onsite or offsite or work from home professionals.

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