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HR Consulting

HR Consulting

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    Human Resources Shared Services

HR Consulting has become one of today’s most highly demanded professional You are required to address the issues of employees’ concerns and grievances and work on a wide variety of employee-related projects in an organization. We understand that your business plans and HR strategy must be aligned with each other.

Compensation Consulting Strategy and Planning

We offer a variety of compensation consulting services to help you maximize your team’s performance. The way you choose to compensate your employees has a large affect on performance. A properly designed compensation structure designed around solid industry research is a vital step to attract, retain and motivate employees.

Policy Development and Manuals

HR policies and procedures provide a clear and objective set of guidelines by which to manage your people. We support you in creating Policies that are compliant with the law and create a fair and professional culture for your managers and employees by making all the rules clear.

Performance Management

Managing the performance of your employees is critical to achieving high performance. We can help you design a performance management system that will ensure you are getting the most out of your employees.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

We all know that a productive employee increases profits – so employee satisfaction is integral to a successful business. At the completion of the survey we will also present you with the results and verbatim comments. We can also recommend ways to improve the satisfaction and engagement of your team.

Market Research / Competency Mapping

One of the greatest benefits of doing business with 2COMS is that our services are extremely flexible. We can create custom hr projects to specifically address your needs! Knowledge is more critical than ever in today’s economy. Our market research services can give your organization and edge over your competition. Whether you need to keep abreast of current markets or entering new ones, market research provides much needed intelligence on real-time conditions, challenges, and issues.

On-Site HR Services

Do you feel as if you need an HR Professional from time to time, but maybe not all the time? We provide on-site HR services. Our consultants will come to your place of business to handle your HR-related projects and activities.


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