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2COMS Foundation – Changing lives with Skill Development and livelihood Creations

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2COMS Foundation is an unique initiative focusing on social impact with skill development. Skill training provides one with livelihood potential for lifetime. 2COMS Foundation focuses on industry oriented skill training.

Skill training ensures a steady opportunity of making a living. What that mean that it is not only charity, but a charity to impact life of the person and his/her family on the long run. 2COMS Foundation also provides funding consultation and linkage with the industry. These linkages are vital for the individuals looking for entrepreneurship opportunities.

Here are the verticals 2COMS Foundation works on

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CSR through Skill Development

2COMS Foundation focuses on creating a sustainable employability ecosystem for the youth. This is done through skill development and entrepreneurship grooming.

Enabling the economy can be done with creating long term employment. 2COMS foundation is enabling youth with government / corporate aided skill development. Also providing them with market linkage for employment/entrepreneurship

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Livelihood Creation at Rural Level

2COMS Foundation work toward building and enabling individuals with ability to create Self Employment and there by enabling a Livelihood for themselves and ever others around them.

Livelihood by means of enabling Self-employments also helps in Nation Building, Makes Rural Society much strong, reduces Urban Migration, Reduces dependence on Agriculture to live in Rural India, enabled development and promotion of Art and Craft of the Country.

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Role that we play

  • Skill
  • Connect with the Industry
  • Technology and Enhancement
  • Support Statutory and Compliance Knowhow
  • Connect and Support Mudra and other Loan Schemes available and launched by the Govt

iAmpower – Women Empowerment

IAMPOWER, is a comprehensive learning program for women focusing on life skills education. It helps them become more effective at work and improve their personal lives. The program focuses on women’s work and personal advancement, impacting their lives both in and out of the workplace.

The main aim of this programme is to enhance the quality of life of women through increased knowledge and skills. It is a 50 hour program of classroom learning, interactive exercises and open discussion. The program covers topics like communication, problem-solving and decision-making, time and stress management, financial skills, career enhancement skills, sanitation and hygiene, safety and security.

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Empowering rural India with better vision in association with Care Netram

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To expand access to vision care and eyeglasses for the underprivileged, Care Netram in association with Good Vision Glasses, Germany have come together to conduct free vision campaigns in rural and semi-urban communities. Rural India have limited access to eye care services. Many individuals that attend our vision camps have never before received an eye exam.

India is home to 40% of the world’s blind population. One-third of our population needs glasses but doesn’t have access to them.

Care Netram strives to contribute in solving the above mentioned problem by our skill development intervention of training manpower. One dollar Glasses supports us with its patented technology to produce low cost eye wear and supports our learning curve in technology / enhancements to vision.

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