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Know how a Well Researched & Drafted Job Description Can Help Attract Top Talent!

Know how a Well Researched & Drafted Job Description Can Help Attract Top Talent!


We all know the significance of a job description. It is one of the most prominent features of staffing and recruitment process. Companies of almost all shapes and sizes focus specially on job descriptions to make their recruitment and staffing process much easier, effective, faster as well as smoother. Indeed, it is one of the finest ways to convey the roles/duties and responsibilities to applicants so that they can understand and apply for the job.

Need of a well-researched job description

It is the role of HR managers to design a well-researched, comprehensive and valuable job description format that has everything right from company’s expectation, area of responsibility, job functions, requirements, candidate’s education, certification, and experience to the summary of the job.

Generally, it is up to the HR manager to design the format of job description according to their skills and abilities. Most of the managers also include finer details in the job description that includes location of the job, quick facts about the position as well as travel requirements so that applicants can better understand the job, and apply as per their experience, skills, knowledge and expertise.

Today, most of the top companies and big brands put their efforts in clearly defining the job descriptions in order to attract the best candidate and take their company forward. Hence, whether you need full-time or part-time employees, you should carefully focus on job descriptions. In other words, never underestimate its power, value and importance of job descriptions.  

Here are a few apparent benefits of designing a comprehensive job description –

  • Helps to communicate everything about a job – Job descriptions are thoughtfully engineered to provide a 360 degree overview of the role, and responsibility of a particular job. It effectively communicates your company’s objectives, vision and mission. Since it is comprehensive in nature, it also involves complete job requirements, academic documents, experience certificates and much more.

  • Strengthen recruitment strategies – A better job description not only helps to find the most suitable candidate for the job, but also strengthens the entire recruitment strategy and talent management process of a company. HR managers design job description in such a way that it aligns with the company’s vision and mission while communicating the essential details.

  • Details the functions of a position – HR manager describes the job in a specific fashion. They include all the specific functions of a job, which ultimately helps an applicant to make a quick decision. Since it communicates and explains all the tasks (day-to-day activities) of an employee; it assists them to know their area of working. This section also describes all the activities, industry terms as well as a quick summary of the job.  

  • Conveys exact requirements – One of the major benefits of job description is that it directly conveys the requirements of the job, associated skills, talent as well as education standard. It wipes out all the confusion of an applicant and allows them to move ahead. A well-designed job description format has soft skills, personality types, and much more. It certainly helps an organization to attract the right (most qualified and experienced) candidate for the job.

  • Helps to communicate the value of an organization – A well-formatted and thought-out job description not only helps to attract the best candidate, but also reflects the overall ethics, value and culture of a company. It also exhibits the depth of a company and breadth of its functions in its niche.

  • Builds reputation of a company – An impressive job description sends a clear-cut message about the versatility and expertise of the company in a specific sector. It also displays the image of your company, and delivers high-quality results.

  • Assist in legal and regulatory compliance – A detailed job description also helps in legal and regulatory compliance. For example, some jobs need to comply with the local labor laws; hence, it comes as no surprise that a job description also assist in conveniently conveying certain laws and regulations so that applicants can apply after understanding the type/criticality of the job.
Here are a few ways to create a compelling job description –

  • Analyze, study and interpret – Take time to deeply analyze, study and interpret the job. It will help you to create the best possible job description as per your company’s requirements. As an HR manager, you need to examine the roles and responsibilities along with the academic requirements and credentials of a candidate for the optimization of the recruitment process. You must discuss with the department heads, program managers and team members before drafting a job description because there might be certain elements that you are not aware of.

  • Clearly define the job – An HR manager should clearly define the job as well as the skills required to accomplish the task. You should explain the skills/core competencies along with the experience so that candidates can make decision without misunderstanding the positions and its nuance. Beyond this, it helps you to stay focused and prepared.

  • State your expectations – HR managers should clearly state the expectations of the company without including industry jargon. It should have the overall scope and limitations of the job. It will certainly eliminate the uncertainty or any sort of doubt among candidates as well as unlock new opportunities.
Job descriptions have a greater impact on businesses than ever

Situations constantly change, but it is clear that job description, hiring process and talent management are interlinked, and plays a very important role when it comes to hiring the right candidate for the job. Unquestionably, a well-formatted job description helps a company to reach its right candidate and become more productive.

In a nutshell, a job description is a crucial success factor for any company, which documents a job/position in an intended manner. So irrespective of the type of organization (agile or traditional), you should embrace job description tactics to remain effective. Are you ready to optimize and empower your staffing process through effective job descriptions?
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