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Life @ 2COMS – Uniting Talent with Opportunities

If you treat employees as if they make a difference, they will make a difference. That has been the employee-focused philosophy behind 2COMS culture since our founding in 1999. We believe In a simple idea: Satisfied employees create satisfied customers. ‘We’ve worked hard to create a culture that is based on trust between our employees and the company, a culture that rewards innovation, encourages employees to try new things and yet doesn’t penalize them for taking chances, and a culture that cares about employees’ personal and professional growth.


Monthly Rewards and Recognition

We have a unique system of rewarding our employees at 2COMS. We have weekly, monthly & quarterly schemes. Every month the BEST PERFORMERS GETS A RED TAG, CERTIFICATE & 2C MERCHANDISE. We also have a quarterly performers Dinner where all the winners go for a Dinner with the CEO / COO of the company.

Annual Excellence Awards

2COMS Annual Awards reward, celebrate and share outstanding achievement of our team members who worked really hard during the financial year to achieve & exceed the expectations. WE HAVE 4 CATEGORIES OF AWARDS WITH OVER 100 WINNERS.

Millionaires Club Membership

Millionaires Club is a group of extra ordinary Performers who achieve an Annual Billing of 10 Lac & above. They are the premium recruiters of 2COMS who gets extra privileges on account of their outstanding performance. THE EARNING POTENTIAL OF ANY CLUB MEMBER IS BETWEEN 10K TO 25K & ADDITIONAL PRIVILEGE TO EARN A LAPTOP.

Growth – Career Development

You’ll have opportunities to explore new directions within the company and apply your skills across the full spectrum of the recruitment business. You get the exposure to work for over 15 different industries at different levels (entry, mid / senior management & premium circle). You get to choose your growth path in TEAM LEADERSHIP, ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT, INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTOR AND SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT.

Training and Development

At 2COMS we believe in lifelong learning. We provide training and development at all levels to help you refine your skills, grow in your current position or transition to a new role in the company. The training program is a MIX OF BOTH ON THE JOB TRAINING & CLASS ROOM TRAINING.

Fun and Stress Buster

At 2COMS we work hard and we party harder…! Every week we have STRESS BUSTER ACTIVITIES to release stress levels. Every quarter a fun activity is organized where the entire organization participates like FOOTBALL MATCHES, PICNICS, MOVIES, GAMES, ETC. We also have an ANNUAL CULTURAL NIGHT where all employees showcase their hidden talent.
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