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Internal Recruitment vs Recruitment Consultants

Internal Recruitment vs Recruitment Consultants

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Who Wins the War Between Internal Recruitment & Recruitment Consultants

The debate on internal recruitment versus recruitment consultants continues to rage with supporters of each concept putting forth their irrefutable views and logic.

Arguments Favoring Internal Recruitment

Those in favor of internal recruitment opine that even though agency recruitment has a higher earning potential, in-house recruitment comes with a greater basic and enhanced job security. Your assessment is based on results and the internal recruiter’s role becomes more holistic and not essentially billings-based as usually happens in agencies. The internal recruiter gets more autonomy and that somewhat unwanted, typical KPI focus of agency recruiters is absent.

It is also held that recruiting in-house is a more appealing and strategic process to many. Your role as an internal recruiter involves planning for long-term hiring and the general belief is that in-house is somewhat less ‘political’ as the competitiveness is relatively lesser and all internal recruiters work together for the topmost organizational goals. Moreover, internal recruiters have greater insights into the process of hiring and thus, make more tangible impacts because they understand the organizational culture better. This, according to some internal recruiters, is more meaningful and help shape the organizational manpower concept more concretely.

Earn More in the World of Fast-Paced, Highly Competitive Agency Recruitment  

Agency recruitment, on the other hand, has immense reward potential and as an agency recruiter, you get to earn a lot, provided you’re good at your job. This could easily mean six-figure earnings, where neither age nor rank have any bearing. Agency recruitment being the true meritocracy, your results only count. Every placement has a direct correlation to a hike in your paycheck where your efforts are not only directly acknowledged but rewarded financially also. Moreover, agency culture is extremely fast-paced as also tightly knit. Therefore, the fundamental culture of agency recruitment is client-focused, outward-facing and high-pressure which only a select few can thrive on or survive in.

As compared to in-house recruitment, basic salaries in agencies generally are lower and the earning potential may be dangerously low for laggards and non-performers. And again, this may not be based on your professional abilities alone. It could be sheer bad luck or difficult market conditions that may be beyond your control. In internal recruitment, there is a camaraderie. In agency recruitment, there is fierce competitiveness. The latter can be absolutely cutthroat with the job security also being on the lower side. Here, results only count and a rough patch could end up in a pink slip. Plus you also have the BIG personalities who dominate the scene and create a culture or environment you wouldn’t like to thrive in.

The Final Winner

When the pros and cons of both internal recruitment and recruitment consultants are weighed carefully, it shows that recruitment basically is an ideal profession for those who love to thrive on people in a fast-paced & high-impact environment which is constantly subject to change. In fact, it is also seen that when in-house and agency recruiters work together, the results are usually great. Internal recruiters try and get the best talents for their employers without being actually able to provide the candidate with absolutely unbiased and balanced advice. This is more so as they are self-interest driven and are known to possess a somewhat restricted view of market trends, salaries & benefits and comparable opportunities.

In sum, internal recruiters tend to act in their employer’s interests mainly while agency recruiters act more in the candidate’s interest. They are the candidate’s greatest advocates and use their credibility and trust with a client to convince him about a great candidate who may not apparently or initially have a grand CV. This service and advantage cannot be offered by an internal recruiter. Moreover, external agencies are always in a better position to advise, coach and mentor their candidates on job searches which internal recruiters can’t.

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