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Identify The Best Recruitment Consultant

Identify The Best Recruitment Consultant

Best Recruitment Consultant

How To Identify The Best Recruitment Consultant

Identify the right and most appropriate recruitment consultant can be a somewhat daunting task as making a wrong selection can have some disastrous results. It’s something like hiring the wrong interior designer for your home and ending up in a royal mess. What is it then that you need to consider when you hire a recruitment agency that will definitely add value to your organizational manpower through the introduction of the best candidates and thereby, enhance your business’s brand image and performance. So, as you go agency hunting, first consider the consultant’s reputation, practices, policies and fees involved. This also applies to job hunters, when they select their employment agencies and which understand their special skills and proactively promote them.

Work Out Your Manpower Needs:

Your business may need either temporary, contractual or permanent manpower resources that are specifically qualified to make your organizational dreams come true. Thus, it becomes imperative for your staffing manager to zero in on the most competent agency who can cater to your needs. For instance, one consultant may be good at catering to temporary recruitment needs while another is great for permanent positions. That’s why the HR manager first needs to work out what the organization actually needs before he starts consultant hunting.

Locate the Master:

Certain consultants claim to cater to every industry domain, all under one roof. Here, it becomes extremely important for the HR manager to locate the Master. This is because of his in-depth understanding of your business and recruitment needs for which he can supply the best and most talented manpower available in the market within your specified timeline and budget.

Search Within The Region :

For certain businesses, it always pays to work with a consultant who understands the local market and accordingly finds the appropriate resources that fit the organizational culture. Use an appropriate search engine and key in your industry details as also geographic location and names of consultants within your area will pop up. Check out their websites for details of their clientele and domain expertise and reviews on them, if any. This will give you a good idea about potential consultants during the process of short listing.

Review the Consultant’s Client List :

A consultant’s client list speaks volumes of his abilities. Look at the positions that he claims to have catered to earlier on as this would give you a clear idea of his abilities to supply the appropriate manpower, should you be requiring the same.

Check Out Professional References, Qualifications & Experience : As an additional precaution, call those companies that he has mentioned in his client list and ask them about his reliability, professionalism and ethical practices. This is a sure way of gauging his abilities before you hire him. Once you have short listed a few names, have one-on-one interviews with the Consultant and ask him specific questions about his qualifications, experience and how well versed he is in recruitment practices.

Choose a Consultant Who Reduces HR Time & Recruitment Costs: One of the principal responsibilities of the HR Manager is to reduce HR time and recruitment costs when he goes consultant hunting. That’s why it becomes imperative to select a Consultant who is flexible on the recruitment cost per hire and works fast also. However, do remember that cheap essentially does not always mean good or even being expensive does not guarantee the best. So that’s a decision that needs to be taken carefully.

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