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Your Leadership Hiring Strategy – Tips and Techniques that Work!

Your Leadership Hiring Strategy – Tips and Techniques that Work!

Success and longevity of a company depends on multiple factors, of which one of the most important is recruiting and hiring a team best suited for the profile and business of the organisation.


Leadership is an action, and not a position” 

The capacity and the ability to translate vision into reality, are some of the most essential qualities that are the hallmarks of being a good leader. Being in the position of a leader is not an easy job, as it is often wrongly mistaken to be by others. As this quote aptly states, leadership is not about the designation or the accolades that come with that particular designation. Leadership is a talent that predominantly stands on the foresight and courage to take action without clamouring to own the decision or the success of a well-planned and executed action. A leader is not someone who walks alone expecting others to follow him/her, a leader is someone who takes everyone along as a team by synergising, shaping and guiding the strengths of the team in the right direction.

Any organisation stands as strong and harmonious as the team it chooses and the leader who navigates the team and keeps it together. Success and longevity of a company depends on multiple factors, of which one of the most important is recruiting and hiring a team best suited for the profile and business of the organisation. The leadership hiring process essentially begins with establishing the base structure and culture of the organisation, followed by a time tested hiring techniques to identify and appoint the right persons to form the team. A boss or owner of the company can easily discern leadership qualities amongst the team members.

Leadership Hiring Techniques

We will list below and briefly discuss the globally practised techniques for creating the right environment and image for attracting, identifying and hiring the best qualities essential for a good leader and the right fit for the organisation. These techniques are built on a well tried and practised strategy. Read further to know what is a hiring strategy and what all it entails.

A leader is the main contact point between the executive positon holders, that is, the boss/bosses; the clients and vendors and the in-house staff. In effect, the leader is the fulcrum on which the company’s smooth running and growth depends upon.  So it is imperative to choose the right person for the position of great responsibility.

 Building a growth induced authentic company culture

The leaders today are looking for the right fit, in terms of a company that aligns with their values and instils a sense of purpose and meaning. Utilising the qualities of the employees to the best of their abilities requires a harmonious and soundly built culture. Every business carries an innate approach and vision which are based on the values and intent of the owner. An environment which attracts leaders who align with the vision and working system of the company. Make sure to cultivate and build an authentic culture, your work force will be spending more time at work than at home and they should feel secure and belonged at their place of work.

Once you have appointed the team, have an in-house meeting with them and discuss the culture, vision and mission of your company with them. This simple activity will make them feel as an intrinsic part of the organisation which will go a long way in enhancing their productivity and loyalty towards the company. Go a step further by citing the traits of successful employees in your organisation.

 Harmonious environment

A company is like the second home for the staff, many a times their professional lives supersede their personal lives. Needless to say then, that a harmonious and energetic work environment encourages and promotes productivity by inducing the will in leaders to lead and guide the team successfully and doing so joyfully. A healthy work environment attracts and retains the talent that makes your organisation. A dismal and disgruntled leader will lead to a reluctant and ill-performing team. You can create a healthy environment by:

  • Outlining the employee’s policy, considering all facets of their productivity
  • Organize well-lit, ventilated and well-designed interiors. Add indoor plants to add cheer and freshness.
  • Designate areas for inter-team meetings/collaborations in non-formal settings.
  • Update and equip the work space with the latest technology
  • Build in-house brand loyalty by holding regular team building activities and highlighting your brand.

 Well-being of the staff

Building a solid relationship is a two way process. While you expect your staff to assure allegiance to the company with their sincerity and loyalty, for the staff to have a sense of belonging and importance it is imperative to be mindful towards their well-being. A company that values its staff attracts the best talents and leaders. It does not take much to make your staff feel well looked after and cherished:

∙ A well-ventilated and aesthetically designed work place can make a world of difference to the state of mind of the staff.

∙ Efficient and hygienic drinking water, coffee/tea stations and possibly a space demarcated for lunch breaks. Encourage exercise, fitness and nutritious eating habits.

∙ Organising and hosting recreational activities or a weekend away of work in a relaxed environment help in team-build up and encouraging cohesive leadership and team work.

∙ Putting company policies and rules in place safeguarding both the mental and physical health of the staff. Take care to have a comprehensive policy against sexual harassment at workplace. A trustworthy humane employer is a magnet for the brightest leaders and talent in the industry.

 Leadership hiring process

Once you have structured and created your organisational culture and environment with the focus on vision and mission, it is time to focus on the leadership hiring process. Identifying the right leadership qualities that align with your vision will require looking beyond the resume. At times we constrict the selection by restricting our decision based on the resume, and by doing so we may pass over a truly deserving candidate for a candidate with the right education, certificates and degrees, but who might not have the qualities that will be beneficial for your company. Explore the candidate by holding conversation with them on ideas that excite them or on the best problem solving approach. Along with the well-known leadership qualities, one of the least talked about are humility and social skills. A leader is not the right leader who lacks humility and cruises on her/his own trip side lining their team.

And last of all, do not stop looking and hiring new talent. One of the easiest ways to lose a good leader is by taking his enthusiasm and energy for granted ending up not infusing fresh techniques and talent to keep the interest and enthusiasm alive. As with any other relationship, the working relationship also requires constant rejuvenation and improvisation.

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