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Know the Secret Sauce to Building a Top Team for your Organization

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Every company wants to attract and retain the right talent to improve their overall productivity and ROI in the long run. However, it must be noted that it is one of the most difficult challenges for any company because employees consistently come and go, which leaves a wider gap in an organization. That is why it is advisable to build a talent pool in an organization so that it never experience crisis or critical situation.

How to choose your career

choose-career-banner Many students don’t have much time to spend in career planning during their degree course. You may be too busy working to earn money to pay your way through university, or perhaps you are a mature student with a young family that you need to support. These pages will allow you to choose your career and help to grow you professionally.  more

Identify The Best Recruitment Consultant

Best Recruitment Consultant

How To Identify The Best Recruitment Consultant

Identify the right and most appropriate recruitment consultant can be a somewhat daunting task as making a wrong selection can have some disastrous results. It’s something like hiring the wrong interior designer for your home and ending up in a royal mess. What is it then that you need to consider when you hire a recruitment agency that will definitely add value to your organizational manpower through the introduction of the best candidates and thereby, enhance your business’s brand image and performance. So, as you go agency hunting, first consider the consultant’s reputation, practices, policies and fees involved. This also applies to job hunters, when they select their employment agencies and which understand their special skills and proactively promote them.  more
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