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Taking a career leap into the BPO industry

Career in BPO is the most popular career among youngsters today. Attractive salary package & job prospects attract job seekers. Here's how you can take a leap in BPO industry.


Amazing job prospects :   

Jobs offers hardly slow down in the BPO industry, especially with the increasing growth rate. It offers volume of job opportunities suitable for both freshers and experienced. The demand for skilled labour and qualified candidates is likely to remain the same in the near future. Not to forget, the excellent wages and employee perks! Additionally, Many BPO companies offer in-house personality development programs and on-job training that helps individuals to take a big career leap.

Excellent pay scale  :

Pay scale and employee benefits are the most attractive part of a career in the BPO industry. The salary range in the BPO industry starts from INR 10,000 for a fresher and increases with skills and experience. Job seekers with basic educational qualifications, undergraduates, or graduates from any stream are welcome into the BPO industry. Employers mostly prefer B.COM and B.TECH graduates. Specific soft skills like communication are given more importance in this sector.

Yearly career growth prospects : 

Like any other profession, the BPO industry provides a significant opportunity to attain career growth based on overall performance. It extracts the best out of its employees and provides significant growth opportunities through its hierarchy. BPO career offers quick career growth through promotion and appraisal. One can shift from agent to team leader and managerial position within 3-5 years.  However, growth might depend on yearly inputs and performance over the year.

Skills required to  fast-track your career in the BPO industry  

Polish your soft skills   

Soft skill is one of the top in-demand skills needed in the BPO industry. Therefore, before leaping into the BPO industry, it is wise to brush up on your soft skills, especially communication.  Entering into the BPO industry also requires a basic level of computer proficiency, and effective speaking and listening skills. Polishing up these skills shall be beneficial in the long run.

Client handing & customer dealing  

Handling customers and clients require a high level of patience and understanding. Effective communication and understanding are essential to deal with consumers patiently and fixing their issues politely. High self-confidence and the ability to speak effectively will help you handle long conversations smoothly. These are the key skills required for outsourcing businesses.

Problem solving & analytical skills  

Having excellent problem-solving and analytical skills gives you a competitive edge in the BPO sector. It implies the ability to break down problems and identify an effective solution for the client or that particular project. Analytical abilities connote the person's aptitude to identify suitable solutions to problems. These skills can be used to meet challenges in the organization.

Pay attention to detail 

As a BPO executive, one must have the ability to pay attention to detail and seek clarity. It is often a common mistake to assume customer issues and offer a quick solution without proper analysis. This can be an absolute recipe for disaster. During the hiring process, it is advisable to offer an error-free CV, and appear well-groomed to create a positive impression.  

Be flexible and pro-active  

A BPO organization handles clients and processes across different geographical locations and cities. Thus, one needs to be flexible and proactive to deal with different clients with different personalities. A positive and proactive approach in customer handling can help you fast-track your career to the top. You can easily acquire these skills during the on-job training period.

Domain knowledge and technical skills 

Some basic technical skills and domain knowledge will help you resolve problems faster. Having a better understanding of the domain enables you to understand the patterns of work. This can add value to your profession. Employers in the BPO sector typically look for candidates having basic IT skills while hiring.

Final Thoughts  

Unlike a decade before, the BPO industry is booming with excellent job opportunities and promising career growth. The above-mentioned skills and abilities can help you fast-track your career forward in the BPO sector.

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