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Are You Ready To Welcome Your Former Employees On Board?

Are You Ready To Welcome Your Former Employees On Board?


When an ex-employee wants to return to a company, it is a sign of a strong cultural brand.

When employers foster a strong internal culture, this increases the employee retention rate. Return of former employees clearly means that they enjoyed the workplace environment that you offered during their tenure. When employers make the transition period of their departing employees easy, stay supportive at that time, they are more likely to return. When you are planning to rehire your employees who have left for the good in the past, you are actually making the whole recruiting process for your agency simpler.

When your proficient and strong employees leave your organization on good terms for the greener pastures, and you are ready to welcome them again, they are called boomerang employees. Boomerang employee is the latest talent trend and it is conscious coupling. Nowadays organizations are facing skill shortage and talent pools are dying. This is going to get worse in the days to come. Steve Jobs was a boomerang employee, who left Apple in the year 1985 and rejoined it in 1997, that is, after twelve years. Organizations should encourage the return of boomerang employees to the fold, as it will benefit them greatly. This trend has revolutionized the entire scenario of the recruitment procedure, as employers now look at their former employees first.

Reasons to hire former employees:

On-boarding those who left have many advantages. Even the big brands are considering former employees and for this, they have even formed corporate alumni groups. Companies like Deloitte, Microsoft, Dell, SAP and many more larger brands put in efforts to cultivate good relationships with former employees.

  1. Familiar with work culture: The boomerang employee can identify well with your work culture or values and that’s why they decided to come back. This way boomerang employee will be able to engage in your culture instantly. Since they are a good culture fit for your company, they prove to be beneficial for your team.
  2. Cost Effective: Talent acquisition is a gruesome task. Hiring new talent costs money to the organization. Not only money, it demands an investment of time and efforts. When a company hires a fresh talent, they have to invest time to train them and still it is risky. As there is no guarantee whether the appointment you have made is going to be valuable for your company or not. When you accept hiring boomerang employees, no matter you are providing them with a higher salary than when they left, but they take little time to reach their productivity capacity.
  3. More Experienced: Since the re-joinee has worked in another company, he has gained valuable experience and will work to improve the place. Boomerang employees can connect deeper to the mission of your team. They will not only come back with rich experience but will also bring a fresh perspective towards the functioning of the company. While they were away they have learned new skills, which will benefit greatly to your company.
  4. A good example for current employees: When you are rehiring your former employees, it sets a great example for your current teammates as they know that in future they can also be rehired if they leave on good terms. This will also portray a clear and good image of your company not only among your staff but also in the industry.

Things worth contemplating before hiring former employees:

  1. Reason for Their Departure: They left your company for a reason and you must recall those reasons before welcoming boomerang employees. Maybe they didn’t like the work environment or had some tiff with a co-worker. They didn’t get along well with the work culture. Last but not the least they were lured by better and bigger opportunities. There can also be some external reason that they left your company. Then there is a probability that they might leave again. Genuine reasons like relocation or some family issue can be considered.
  2. Do They Need Training: Your company might be functioning a bit differently since your boomerang employee left. So, they too need training in order to keep them in sync with your current working scenario. Also if they are willing to undergo training? This should be made very clear at the onset of the rehiring process.
  3. Discuss with Your Team: There are certain precautions to be taken before hiring your former employee. You must discuss thoroughly with your team before proceeding. There might be certain pitfalls that you are not aware of. It is better to find out the reason behind your former employee’s resignation from his current job.
  4. Are They a Perfect Fit: Hiring boomerang employees must be a completely unbiased decision. You must not overlook or completely ignore the fresh talent. As fresh talent can also be of great value to your company since they are full of new ideas and have a different gusto to work.

Boomerang employees have become a hot commodity for those who think that they are suitable for their company’s work culture and goals. Hiring boomerang employees can be of great benefit for your company only if you do it diligently. If you are facing a shortage of talent, you must create a viable environment for your employees to stay.

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