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Are you ready for the imminent exit of your employees?

Are you ready for the imminent exit of your employees?


Shortage of talent is the biggest challenge that employer’s face and when your employee announces his unexpected resignation, it comes out as a blow to you. Even the best employers face employee resign. There are numerous reasons that compel the employees to switch job.

Since you were not expecting that your most considerate and committed employee will decide to leave suddenly, you get in a state of shock. Whether you have a small staff or a large number of people working for your business, all employees are valuable for your firm. Loosing even one employee can be painful for you as to when he leaves he will be leaving with all the knowledge, experience and skills along with him.

When your most conscientious employee decides to leave, so many thoughts start revolving around your head – “Who will be taking up his responsibilities?”, “How are you going to make sure that your team is not overburdened after he leaves?”

Most of the people lose their calm when their employee announces their exit, but it is advisable to sendoff your assiduous worker on a good note. Managing such a sulky situation in a thoroughly professional manner is critical, as you will be giving your quitting employee a reason to come back.

  • Reflect upon the reasons of their exit

There can be several explicit or underlying reasons for your employee’s sudden exit. You must have a one on one conversation with them and try to figure out the reason they are leaving. It is not an easy decision for them as well since they had invested their talent into your company with complete dedication. Having a crystal clear conversation can save you from a lot of stress. You can present a counteroffer to them if you are really willing to retain them. There can be some issues pertaining to the work environment that you might consider sorting out and can change your employee’s decision about leaving your organization.

But there can be some genuine reasons as well. Due to some family commitments or even better career opportunity, he might have decided to leave. In such circumstances, employers must make the departure process of their employee as smooth as possible. Again there is no point in burning the bridges by overreacting to the situation. By assuring your departing worker that your organization’s doors are always open for them, is the best way to address this situation.

  • Keep your team in the loop

When your most prized employee is leaving, it is a good idea to keep your staff members informed. You can simply make an announcement by sending an email to all of your employees. This way your team members will be ready to take up any challenges that will be faced after the exit of your strongest employee. It will also make it easier to divide the job roles among your existing employees if you are not confident about hiring a new person.

  • Start looking for a fitting candidate

Instead of staying overwhelmed by this unwanted situation, you must start looking for a strong replacement. This way you will be relieved to a larger extent from the tension of managing your quitting employee’s job. But you must not rush in appointing a new candidate in order to fill the gap. You must have a hearty discussion with your team and plan through well so that all the goals and objectives are achieved systematically.

You must take this incident as a learning lesson and devise a plan to ensure that such a situation doesn’t arise in the future.

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