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IT Skills That Are Trending

Image IT Skills That Are Trending Jul19
Tech talent is highly in demand in the IT job market. Employers are doing everything to attract the first rate techies to associate with their organizations. They are offering jobs at attractive salary packages which act as a fundamental motivation to attract the finest tech talent.


Social Media – A New Dimension for Recruitment

preview full 2coms Blog 4We all know that the technological revolution is underway, bringing remarkable changes to the society. It has the absolute strength and potential to abolish all traditional methods of communication, while giving rise to new and empowering platforms that are highly advanced, secure and technical. The biggest example of digitalization is the sudden rise of social media.

Know the Secret Sauce to Building a Top Team for your Organization

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Every company wants to attract and retain the right talent to improve their overall productivity and ROI in the long run. However, it must be noted that it is one of the most difficult challenges for any company because employees consistently come and go, which leaves a wider gap in an organization. That is why it is advisable to build a talent pool in an organization so that it never experience crisis or critical situation.

Know how a Well Researched & Drafted Job Description Can Help Attract Top Talent!


We all know the significance of a job description. It is one of the most prominent features of staffing and recruitment process. Companies of almost all shapes and sizes focus specially on job descriptions to make their recruitment and staffing process much easier, effective, faster as well as smoother. Indeed, it is one of the finest ways to convey the roles/duties and responsibilities to applicants so that they can understand and apply for the job.


Are you ready for the imminent exit of your employees?


Shortage of talent is the biggest challenge that employer’s face and when your employee announces his unexpected resignation, it comes out as a blow to you. Even the best employers face employee resign. There are numerous reasons that compel the employees to switch job.


Are You Ready To Welcome Your Former Employees On Board?


When an ex-employee wants to return to a company, it is a sign of a strong cultural brand.

When employers foster a strong internal culture, this increases the employee retention rate. Return of former employees clearly means that they enjoyed the workplace environment that you offered during their tenure. When employers make the transition period of their departing employees easy, stay supportive at that time, they are more likely to return. When you are planning to rehire your employees who have left for the good in the past, you are actually making the whole recruiting process for your agency simpler.

Six Recruitment Trends That Employers Must Follow This Year

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Recruitment and hiring can be bit of a challenge for employers. The conventional hiring process is time consuming, confusing and requires lot of resources to get through the entire procedure.
“The cost of hiring someone bad is so much greater than missing out on someone good”, Joe Kraus
This is a major setback when it comes to hiring, as there is a probability that companies end up with a bad hire. In order to acquire the best talent for your company, employers should also be at their best in what they do. Employers need to keep an eye on the big picture and follow the current trends for recruiting.

Three Reasons Why You Should Choose Professional Staffing Solutions

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When starting a new business or expanding an existing one into new fields, there are few things that are as challenging as being able to find the right people for the job. It is not that such people do not exist but the problem is that it will take too long to find them and you might have to go through several cycles of trial and error before you will eventually find the right people. This is one of the main reasons why many companies today prefer to procure professional staffing solutions to help them find and hire the right people instead of trying to find them on their own. Other reasons include the following. more

What to Expect From the Best Job Recruitment Agencies

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Any person who has ever run a business or tried to recruit new staff understands that the best people are hard to find. This statement remains just as true today in spite of the fact that technology has effectively transformed the world into one global village in which you can hire talent from any part of the world and have them work remotely. This is the reason why many companies around the world prefer to hire job recruitment agencies, also known as head hunters, to carry out the recruitment of new staff on their behalf. more

Why Your Company Needs Staffing Solutions?

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Selecting and hiring the right talent is a crucial decision for your company’s growth and objectives. Even though every business has its own Human Resource (HR) segment to handle recruitment process, there is a massive rise in the demand for professional staffing services across many businesses for different reasons. Whether you want full-time workforce or need part-time employees, staffing services can be the best bet for your business. This is one of the reasons why businesses are relying on staffing firms these days to find the perfect talent for their organisation within the stipulated timeframe. more
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