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Making India Work again Mass Entrepreneurship is the Way Forward


It’s old news that the pandemic has affected the lives and livelihood of millions. The worst affected seems to be the lower income class. The day-wage structure revolving around labour intensive industries has taken a big setback.

With big industries reeling under the stress of lockdowns, the Indian GDP will suffer in the foreseeable future. Not aware of the technicalities of GDP, the working lower middle class and the lower income tier is struggling to make ends meet in a bleak future.



Recruiting Agencies: Beneficial For both Employers and Job Seekers


Recruiting agencies not only provide services to the employers but also the potential employees. They act as a bridge between companies and job seekers. These agencies consist of highly trained professionals facilitating services such as screening the candidates and finding new job openings.

They specialize in filling temporary as well as permanent positions in the company. They have expertise in understanding the needs and requirement of manpower in different industries. These recruiters have a database of candidates so that the companies don’t have to spend time in the recruitment process. 


Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Advantageous Alternative for Staffing


The success of any business organization mainly depends upon the manpower it possesses. The recruitment or staffing process is very costly as well as time-consuming affair, therefore, requires specialization and efficiency. Even if there is an abundance of job seekers the management must hire people who possess the necessary skills required to work in the organization. Recruitment is essentially concerned with the appointment of the right person at the right position.


Self-Development Tips for IT Recruitment Companies

One of the vital aspects of keeping any business or profession surviving and growing is constant self-development. Any profession, be it Advocacy, Accountancy, Medicine, Information Technology or even recruitment, requires continues refining of skills and self-development.


Benefits of Hiring External Consultancy in Recruitment in HRM

Benefits of Hiring External Consultancy
Recruitment in India has always been a tough task for both employer and employee. Generally, corporates prefer to tie up with external Consultancy when it comes to recruitment in Human Resource Management. 


IT Skills That Are Trending

Image IT Skills That Are Trending Jul19
Tech talent is highly in demand in the IT job market. Employers are doing everything to attract the first rate techies to associate with their organizations. They are offering jobs at attractive salary packages which act as a fundamental motivation to attract the finest tech talent.


Social Media – A New Dimension for Recruitment

preview full 2coms Blog 4We all know that the technological revolution is underway, bringing remarkable changes to the society. It has the absolute strength and potential to abolish all traditional methods of communication, while giving rise to new and empowering platforms that are highly advanced, secure and technical. The biggest example of digitalization is the sudden rise of social media.

Know the Secret Sauce to Building a Top Team for your Organization

2coms resize2
Every company wants to attract and retain the right talent to improve their overall productivity and ROI in the long run. However, it must be noted that it is one of the most difficult challenges for any company because employees consistently come and go, which leaves a wider gap in an organization. That is why it is advisable to build a talent pool in an organization so that it never experience crisis or critical situation.

Know how a Well Researched & Drafted Job Description Can Help Attract Top Talent!


We all know the significance of a job description. It is one of the most prominent features of staffing and recruitment process. Companies of almost all shapes and sizes focus specially on job descriptions to make their recruitment and staffing process much easier, effective, faster as well as smoother. Indeed, it is one of the finest ways to convey the roles/duties and responsibilities to applicants so that they can understand and apply for the job.


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