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Recruitment Challenges of Companies

The recruitment scenario is changing so quickly that it is affecting businesses in different sectors deeply. As an employer, it is your responsibility to deal with recruitment issues to build a strong team of professionals and drive your organization to more success. When it comes to the hiring process, the first goal is to find the right candidates for the position. However, it can be hard and challenging if you do not have the experience or resources to do so.

Some of the common recruitment challenges that every company faces at the time of recruitment process have been mentioned here.

  • Lack of Suitable Candidates: Do you also feel that there is a lack of suitable talent out there? If yes, then you must contact the best recruiting firms. Getting under-qualified and overqualified candidates for a position is quite common. However, you can easily deal with this problem by contacting a professional recruitment agency. They have a pool of talent base to tap into and are more capable for shortlisting the candidates that are just right the job profile and your company.
  • Delay in Response: Whether you have hiring agencies by your side or you are doing it alone, everything should be done in a timely manner. This is something job seekers usually expect and as an employer, you have to live up to this expectation. When you respond quickly to candidates, you actually earn their respect and trust. Such candidates are more interested to join your company and contribute to its overall growth.
  • Tough Market Competition: Now job seekers apply in multiple companies for a similar job position to increase their chances of selection. As an employer, this can be a big challenge for you since it means that you have to deal with a candidate having multiple job offers. You need to stand out from the competition and attract the candidate so that they cannot refuse your job offer. You need to appeal to them as a company that will help them fulfill their career goals.
  • Salary Package Anomalies: Candidates ask for more than just a fixed salary since they want additional benefits and perks too. Evaluate and compare these things with what you are offering them. By offering performance-based perks and advancement options, you can attract skilled, qualified and the best candidates for the job role in your company since they will see that they can grow by making valuable contributions to the company.

How to choose your career


How to choose a career

Many students don’t have much time to spend in career planning during their degree course. You may be too busy working to earn money to pay your way through university, or perhaps you are a mature student with a young family that you need to support. These pages will allow you to choose your career and help to grow you professionally.


Why recruitment consultants are the need of the hour

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The Recruitment Consultant’s Ideal Business Model and Why It’s Important For You To Know It 

It goes without saying that a recruitment consultant’s principal job is to identify the right talent for any job opening, permanent or temporary. Alternatively, he may even focus on a particular industry niche like nurse or executive recruitment only. However, any consultant who starts his own recruiting agency needs to evolve a proper business model or plan first before he embarks on the man hunting process. The business model is an inextricable part of his operations as it is on this that he will base his future recruitment strategies, growth and expansion procedures as also his marketing plan to gain clients. A basic business model for any recruitment consultant involves the following:


Identify The Best Recruitment Consultant

Best Recruitment Consultant

How To Identify The Best Recruitment Consultant

Identify the right and most appropriate recruitment consultant can be a somewhat daunting task as making a wrong selection can have some disastrous results. It’s something like hiring the wrong interior designer for your home and ending up in a royal mess. What is it then that you need to consider when you hire a recruitment agency that will definitely add value to your organizational manpower through the introduction of the best candidates and thereby, enhance your business’s brand image and performance. So, as you go agency hunting, first consider the consultant’s reputation, practices, policies and fees involved. This also applies to job hunters, when they select their employment agencies and which understand their special skills and proactively promote them.


Internal Recruitment vs Recruitment Consultants

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Who Wins the War Between Internal Recruitment & Recruitment Consultants

The debate on internal recruitment versus recruitment consultants continues to rage with supporters of each concept putting forth their irrefutable views and logic.

Arguments Favoring Internal Recruitment

Those in favor of internal recruitment opine that even though agency recruitment has a higher earning potential, in-house recruitment comes with a greater basic and enhanced job security. Your assessment is based on results and the internal recruiter’s role becomes more holistic and not essentially billings-based as usually happens in agencies. The internal recruiter gets more autonomy and that somewhat unwanted, typical KPI focus of agency recruiters is absent.


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